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You’re already “There”

You’re already “There”

The shifting sands of contemporary business continually create competitive movement that may not be appropriate to your business. That lure can be costly and counterproductive.

Like parenthood, who better than you to know what your “rules” are, what flys in your universe and what it takes to be successful. This must be communicated to those coming in contact with you and your “family” (business).

American business people need to stop, breathe and stop expending precious energy in the competitive jig.

Here’s are three quick antidotes to practice a simple philosophy to cut wasteful spending and energize your personal energy:
1. Recognize that you‘re already there. It’s your choice to be somewhere else, so make it happen after you’ve determined that is a prudent shift.

2. Don’t chase after a trend. Learn about it, and respond “yea” or “nay” if it fits your business model. Calculate if it is long-lived or a passing fancy.

3. Shorten your learning curve™ with coaching and instruction from experts in the areas you need to understand. Join special interest groups (Google on the topic) and participate in association events related to your topic.

The key here is that you are making choices, not reacting to the overstimulation of the marketplace. Breathe is a non-renewable resource!

Coach Cubas wants you to enjoy your purposeful efforts — professionally, personally and spiritually. mc


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