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Will Female Majority In the Workplace Force Changes?

Will Female Majority In the Workplace Force Changes?

The title of this article, The End of Men, prompted this post. I think it is deceiving. More accurately, it may mark the end of male domination in the workplace and be the final step toward pay parity.
I am not a “basher” on any topic, especially the “battle of the sexes.” What I took from this commentary was the opportunity to progress. Jeannie (Genie) is not going back into the bottle
Here are ways I see from my experience and practice that can influence the work arena:
  • Just like women perceive colors differently, they can lead differently, too. Feedback and active listening are key success factors and leave a “quarterback” mentality in the dust. Leading a team rather than being the lone star is highly effective.
  • Women work differently than men. The female perspective is different. More cooperation and less competition is welcome in this strange economy.
  • We may see a return to a committed work ethic because historically women would do tasks and take on projects that men would not touch. Generational attitudes affect this, too.
  • The rigid vertical organizational “chart” will change as women gain in leadership positions. We will likely see more circular and matrix linked organizations working together. This thinking began in the late 1980’s under the “innovation umbrella” a la Tom Peters and quality circles. Women enjoy collaboration so we may see a surge in this activity.
  • Recruiting attitudes and energy will change. Women now have a stronger voice and will ask for conditions that serve them beyond on-site nurseries.
  • We are moving into an age of diplomacy like never before. Remember, it was Eleanor Roosevelt’s attention and support to the League of Nations at a time the U.S. was turning toward isolationism. Her efforts helped move the League of Nations into the United Nations.
  • As the world population is more than 50% female, we are finally employing the full force of half our resources into play. Imagine splitting yourself in half and attempting to be fully functional.
What are your current and past experiences?
Do you see any changes in your own lives? 

Please comment. -MC


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  1. Reply Marc Accetta

    Women in the workforce are helping in the way men in the organization are inspired to work more. Plus women are more organized than men.

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