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Why Small Talk Gets Bad Rap

Why Small Talk Gets Bad Rap

Anyone who “shows up” as a Thinker, Analytical or Problem Solver, this is for you. Chit chat or small talk is the bane of many people’s time. These are people who have not yet discovered the hidden gems embedded in the tiny conversation.

Consider these tiny conversation highlights:
1. They provide a tone of voice so that when you respond, you can echo back in kind. E.g. if someone speaks quickly, quicken your own pace when you speak. They are more likely to pay attention to you.
2. Non-verbal (body language) cues indicate mood of the speaker. If people move in closer to hear what you’re saying, they’re interested. If they quick glance away, they want to escape!
3. Word choice—Are they expressing or impressing? Verbal judo can be fun, but save it for when you know someone better. This can be perceived as “one-ups-manship” rather than your education. It can also be misconstrued as combative and confrontational . . . Just saying!
Tune in for more next time.
What are your observations about small talk?
What are your observations about small talk? Please post here.

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