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Why do women have intuition & men a gut reaction?

Why do women have intuition & men a gut reaction?

Ever watched ducklings follow the parents? Other animals like peccary-havalina (pigs) and quail do the same. Once hatched or born, the animals experience “patterning”, which creates imprints behaviors on them to ensure their survival like follow in line. This energy conservation uses less calories and helps them sustain themselves.

Recent research in neuroscience uncovers similar learning mechanisms, patterns, in humans. Colleague Ann Betz, CPCC, discussed how the brain relates to posture and physical cues as well as perceptions. An example is if a person has a powerful impact episode, how much deeper the impression goes within the circuitry.

So, how can we tap into deeper insights? (Future webinars will explore these points in depth.)

  • Learn why having fun and being silly inspires creativity and lowers blood pressure!

  • Also, be aware and move away from being in “task mode.” This mode directly links to the rational brain and has no room for building relationships and understanding others. In American culture, workers are entrenched in task mode with “to-do lists” and an emphasis on competition and performance. Only when we slow down enough to listen deeply, can we tap into the insights that we seek toward fulfillment.
  • Gender bias aside, “women’s intuition” has a long history, (even a few stake burnings) as insightful women were viewed as witches. Men have their own reference called a gut reaction. Lee Iaccoca, Mustang car designer and Chrysler Motors leader, was famous for saying he made decisions after all the stats were in, and then he relied on his gut for the final answer.
  • Now, neuroscience demonstrates there is a neural pathway from the “gut” to give substance to the term, gut reaction. There are neural pathways throughout the body; we just stopped listening to the signals! 

There is so much to explore! What is significant is that we can rewire the circuitry for our success and happiness. You can begin to learn more about Positive Psychology here.

Now we can be aware how our actions, behavior, patterns, and creativity are all integrated to produce our responses and thoughts.

These ideas are stimulating topics for staff meetings and having your team “open up” so they are more receptive to changes in the workplace and their potentiality.

It’s your turn to share when the last time was that you had an insight, a yearning, an intuitive moment that helped you.

Please email them to me and we can continue the discussion here and on S.O.S. (Simple Open Strategies) for Challenging Times Group on Linked In.

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