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When Revenge Feels So Good . . .

When Revenge Feels So Good . . .

This is the least we can do. MC

Praise to President Obama, the tactical team and the Troops. We are in your debt. Respect for your effort is underscored by the fact there were no leaks, and this mission could be carried out to a successful end.

Judging from the understandable visceral reactions across the social media networks wanting revenge, it is imperative that cool heads prevail.

The situation reminds me of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The generals were goading Kennedy to attack first and talk later. Thankfully, JFK could use his high emotional intelligence to step into Krushchev’s shoes. His ability to envision the retaliations like moves on a chessboard, were remarkable and averted annihilation.

Or, imagine Hitler being captured and how that would have shortened WWII and saved lives. I am sure some people would say we would dignify the monster with a trial. However, that’s not the question in my view. I ask who are we, who do we want to become, and do we relinquish our values and laws to such criminals?

Do As I Say Not As I Do?
My view is the U.S. raised itself up by burying the murderer under Islamic law. Why—to do otherwise would feed a frenzy to justify more killing by UBL’s followers already in reactive mode, not that they need excuses. We cannot allow others’ despicable behavior govern our choices.

We do not want to continue the destructive cycle of an eye for an eye. Our global interdependence offers us a new opportunity to move forward. This is a time for the U.S. to regain our inner strength without using weapons to resolve everything.

Energy Shift
There is a definite shift in energy around the world, emotions on all points of the scale. The storms and devastation were horrific. Then, we experienced a hat trick of a weekend with the Royals, a Blessed Pope and now the demise of bin Laden. Like the sunshine that shone on the young married couple this weekend, (a miracle in England that was predicting rain), let us celebrate that we have clipped the wings of Evil and can live in a more enlightened time.

Peace to all.    –MC


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