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What Would Oprah Do?

What Would Oprah Do?

Entertainment is the late 20th-early 21st century’s religious experience. We are starving for connection, not information. So, we’ve accepted “stars” as manna from heaven.

Why is it any surprise that Oprah would stand apart as a spiritual leader when that is what she is known for—lifting people’s spirits!

Oprah lives her creed, she is generous, kind, loving and forgiving. She is the essence of what people can become. She is the pinnacle for no excuses, move ahead, never look back.
I love Oprah, and all she stands for.

Let’s not deify her; we need HUMAN role models!
The danger is that we turn her into a “Golden Calf” in our attempt to revere her. That would only demean her message and life’s path.

Better for us to serve as she does. She is the personification of the divine spark within us all. Don’t worship her; respect, admire and emulate her. Then, we can make our own contribution and bathe in the divine spark we crave.

Thank you, Oprah, for leading us on a path of light, wisdom and love.

Coach Cubas wants us to appreciate our divine spark. mc


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