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We’ve Sold the Soul of Marketing

We’ve Sold the Soul of Marketing

In Response to: Cory Treffiletti What Does The Future Look Like? Or, What I Read On My Summer Vacation

Hi, Cory,

Timely posting during the political campaigns. I’d like to add a third slant to your either/or. As a marketer I’m aware of the sectors, objectives and the “speak” that swirls around my profession. Here’s my rudimentary slant: Remove GREED from the picture. How novel is that!

What that does is remove the barriers and second guessing of getting into people’s heads and actually provides a pure channel to serve the consumers rather than outsmart them. Greed makes the actions self-perpetuating. Look at the spin-off business from this approach. It keeps expanding exponentially like social media. What’s the reality of managing all these elements?

I see current marketing practices as oversell and numbing, an avalanche of information and intrusive to boot. Currently, our biology hasn’t caught up with our technology™ so we’re overwhelmed and don’t know what to look at first. How do you break through that?

The marketing I use is to find out what people need from me (my homework), deliver the message (variety of methods) of how they will benefit working with, and “show up” for them, not me. As simplistic as it sounds, this approach eliminates the competing “noise” because people are delighted that someone wants to serve them rather than take their money.

My approach is to slow down, take note and deliver. It works well for me, and I’ve been in business since 1982. I use this approach to build my coaching practice because of the multitude of coaches around. I guess marketers have to justify their own existence when only driven by revenues rather than value. I say to that, try running a business without marketing; no justification needed.

One last thought, imagine if the candidates adhered to such a simpler approach, not only would we know more about them, because they would discuss the opportunity of what they bring to the scene, they wouldn’t have to denigrate the opponent. If one is spending millions of dollars, why not promote your own view? I never quite understood why they miss the chance to promote their own ideas.


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