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Want An Instant Intellect?

Want An Instant Intellect?

An instant benefit of an
instant intellect is it is the cure for shallow conversations.

So, what will you do with it? How can it serve you?

Until one sees the value in developing such an asset, then the resources required to obtain it won’t be justified. It’s that simple. For those of you interested in acquiring it, please read on.
7 Steps to Acquiring an Instant Intellect:

Pick a topic you want to learn more about.

Take five days and gather as much information you can from a variety of sources (internet, publications, trade associations, archives).

Commit to scanning the materials you’ve collected and select three points that interest you from the “compost pile.”

Use or refer to the three points daily in some aspect of conversation. For example, “How many times have you wondered about the colors in a rainbow? I did. Would you be to know what I found (Click for the answer.)?”

Attend a seminar, lecture, class on one of the three items you selected. (Consider non-traditional places like churches, mosques, synagogues, organizations conducting courses.)

Write a journal entry (one page single spaced) on where this exercise took you—For example, boosted curiosity, added conversation starters. Did you meet interesting people? Did you impress someone with your curiosity? How can you use this information in your personal and professional endeavors?

Submit your thoughts to a local media outlet, publication, newsletter, blog, etc. You will now be on the record with your intellectual pursuit.

Who knows? You may discover an avocation, a passion, a pathway you didn’t acknowledge before.

Bon voyage!

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