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Time for the Little Green Men to Arrive

Time for the Little Green Men to Arrive

Agents Scully and Mulder (X-Files) were right.  The truth is out there somewhere.

With the frenetic past year, it’s time to reset ourselves to move forward and create our own positive futures. The White House antics are a distraction from what’s important in our personal lives. We can’t hold our collective breath any longer.

Creative business management styles are especially important during fluctuating times. Open-book management is one such strategy.

Open-book management relies on a fact-based system. It is transparency that buoys the entire company.

The premise is that all employees are able to be informed about the health of a business. It is useful for quarter all-hands’ meetings, for example. By doing this, leadership has an easier time explaining policy and personnel changes. This is an excellent opportunity to “brainstorm” and get ideas about how to trim waste and increase engagement for optimum performance.

“Companies that practice open-book management seem to have captured some sort of lightning in a bottle.” — Chris Lee, Training, referring to 
 John Case’s book, (Senior Writer for Inc. Magazine)

This approach requires a staunch commitment to transparency. It isn’t an attempt to air “dirty laundry.” It is a courageous move to achieve optimum buy in at every level of the business.

The key success factor of Open-book management is the motivation potential. Personnel can self-motivate when they see their direct connection to the company results.

In September, I will be facilitating a VMP™ (Virtual Mastermind Project) Series on Open Book Management. For advanced information on how to bring this information to your business unit,hit the button!

Press Here for more information. Please put VMP in subject line.


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