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The Obama Dog Saga—Welcome Bo

The Obama Dog Saga—Welcome Bo

At first glance, the puppy story seems superficial. I ask, “What’s important beneath the surface?” Why so much attention that made the rounds of the Sunday political shows.

On the surface, I suggest the following ideas:

  • Human interest story
  • Comic relief
  • Distraction from daily negativity.

Also, my perspective leads me to this:

  • The story is more about integrity and keeping promises.
  • This speaks to the type of parents the Obama’s are by postponing gratification by example.
  • Cesar Millan’s “calm-energy” principle and how it applies to how Obama is likely to succeed with his temperament as successful owner. Milan stated Obama will be a role model. I suggest that we can all benefit from the tamping down of the drama accelerated by fear this past decade.

Proverb’s Wisdom—Still true, “All good things come to those who wait.”

Lastly, I marvel at the lingering significance of the Old Testament’s Book of Proverbs’ wisdom. (Treat yourself to a quote on the website.) As technology leads us from the “cave,” we can draw sober wisdom from this ancient source. I’m sure all religious traditions have similar wisdom from which to draw. I welcome input on them and will post them on my blog as they are received.

Welcome, Bo. You didn’t know you were so important to the American Public.


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