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The Current Hoax from Pharoh’s Throne Room (Bush’s White House)

The Current Hoax from Pharoh’s Throne Room (Bush’s White House)

This tirade is a lesson in perspective, a key principle in coaching . . .

How dare I comment when Keith Olbermann, takes center stage as the king of understatement and pun? Yet, weeks ago with Rachel Maddow, the two began to unravel Rumplestiltskin’s golden cord with the faint suggestion of how Michael Mukasey could arbitrarily mention a 9/11 call that came from a safe house in Afghanistan before 9/11—Huh? You mean they weren’t wiretapping to follow the call because it was illegal. Por favor, please explain the logic in this. How can that be since we were caught unaware? How does such inemptitude go unpunished?

Hm, starting to sound like someone dropped the perennial ball, and as my buddy Keith
Olbermann so astutely cobbled together the seemingly disjoined information with Rachel, it sounds like the one that got away and the big scares have been justifications to cover up the foul.

My read—Michael Mukasey spilled the beans from guilt, knowing the behind the scenes of this entire Shakespearean tragedy.

It sounds like “At Dawn We Slept” about Pearl Harbor and the mixed messages and non-delivered messages to FDR, the few who knew about the attack but didn’t bother to notify anyone, but I digress.

Naomi Klein has cornered the market on the only reasonable explanation. Bill Maher’s panels have played around these topics but not quite hit the sweet spot.

If there was notice of impending tragedy, and it was left “unwatered” to blaze the way for Naomi’s idea of shock, (deer in the headlights,) to initiate and to enable the plan Cheney had in his briefcase since the early 1990’s, we must unravel the cord. Where is the outrage? Why is it that Congress doesn’t follow the money? Congress must read Daniel Brook’s, The Trap, to understand what was set into motion after Goldwater and under Reagan. This is greater than a coincidence.

I know that I’m beginning to sound like a conspiracy nut; yet, hark, consider Viktor Frankl’s prophetic statement, “Evil is allowed to happen when good people do nothing,” applies here. As I see it, the “spilled beans” mentioned above translate into inaction, which is like a lie of omission. Either secret wiretapping was going on, pre-9/11, what the Bush Administration couldn’t expose until they got caught, became the electronic J. Edgar Hoover’s pre-emptive file building just in case someone wanted to speak about his tutu, OR . . .
The Bush et al couldn’t have planned anything so sinister, but saw this as an opening to release their Pandora’s plan with a little help from their friends (sorry Beatles).

When do the investigations by a special prosecutor, not the in-house sorts, begin? What is tying Pelosi’s and Reid’s hands?

No wonder I must do Sukuko puzzles to get some sleep. One’s mind reels at this scenario.

Signing off . . .Your Crazed Coach,


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