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Steps to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Steps to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Can you tell who is the smartest person in the photo?

Of course not. However, when you use your Emotional Intelligence Spidey Sense, there are clues you can spot. In a Galaxy Far, Far Away . . . people used to say, Fake it ’til you make it” as a mantra. This bravado approach works to a point as long as it stands upon a level of truth. 

Imposter Syndrome can be normal for people in new circumstances, like a recently promoted associate to a management position.

• My advice is to step back and observe the team, the task, or new situation before jumping in and taking over.
• Actively listen to whomever is involved with the outcome of the project and engage them.
• Allow their contribution to count.
• Ask questions about what has been accomplished and what is the original vision for the outcome.
* Consider who assigned the task or project and what is that person’s stake in the outcome?
* Vigorously read about your industry and study how your company is positioned there.
* Attend webinars on aligning topics to broaden your perspective.Ask to be included in planning sessions. Your request demonstrates initiative and can make you more visible.

A proven power tool is to assess and raise the team’s and your Emotional Intelligence. Ask me how.

Access this useful tool here: A Letter of Authority

Consider these clues:

  1. Consider the language the person uses. Do they overuse “big” words to look important. For example, do they “utilize” rather than “use”?
  2. How does the person appear in posture?
  3. How do others react to this person?
  4. What is your take away when you interact with this person?

These are only starter mental notes. Start your own listing.

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