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Slow Time Strategy

Slow Time Strategy

Had enough of the “sky is falling” strategy?
With a clear perspective this may a time ripe with opportunity for you and your business.

Consider where you can serve others the most:

  1. What do they need more of now that times are tough?
  2. What is a small “nugget” you can offer at a low fee, perhaps chunking down a program or a guidebook?
  3. Where do you need the most help? Chances are someone else does too. An alliance may serve you both.
  4. Conduct a cursory gap analysis for moving from point A to point B. Once you figure it out, survey to see if others can use your solution.
  5. What are you doing to ensure your customers will remain with you? This is a time for steady and sure-footedness, not spikes.
  6. What can you read about the current political and economic cycle that will provide perspective? Consider Paul Krugman, economist and professor of economics at Princeton. He is a sane voice in the wilderness of all the Chicken Little’s squawking around.
  7. Observe who continues to be doing well—what are they doing and what has changed if anything from their usual approach?

Take a deep breath. Retain your personal power and contemplate your moves with responses rather than reactions. Be cautious about the messenger you hear.
Prayer and meditation can provide a respite from the “noise” in the frenetic marketplace—Just breathe, pause to reflect and recognize you only need to know how to click your “ruby slippers.”

Bon chance.
Your coach,
Michelle Cubas


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