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Rules of the Social Media Road

As I have been cruising through several social media sites, I am still amazed at how many people do not understand the purpose of these outlets. The sales pitches are overwhelming. I guess the attraction to “selling” is because the sites are free, and people see this as an advertising opportunity. However, in my opinion, they would benefit by selling themselves through their messages.

Remember, the name of the vehicle is social media. Social means to engage with others. In my PC dictionary, social means “relating to the way groups behave and interact.” This is a powerful research space doing that.

Social media is a dynamic force. It is a vehicle, and it has “rules of the road”:
1.    No overt selling.
2.    Build a pertinent message first.
3.    Connect with people at their interest level, not yours.
4.    Be resourceful and responsive
5.    Entice interest with integrity, not gimmicks.
6.    Provide content.

Please let me know how you are using social media to connect with your group’s behavior, and I will post the results in January’s newsletter. (Of course, you can opt-in at subscription box.)  -MC


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