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Reflection is tricky

Reflection is tricky

“I can’t go back to yesterday – because I was a different person then. ” – Lewis Carroll
Saw this quote on Jennifer Nguyen’s Facebook page. It encapsulated what I wanted to say about reflection.

Think of the magnitude of this statement. We’re all racing into the future when we may just miss the “door opening in the moment,” which was just the future. Heady, I know.

In coaching and business, planning is touted as the tool of choice. But, I think we over plan, and don’t allow time or room for serendipity to come into our lives.
What do you think?

Just look at American kids how they are over scheduled with play dates, sports and activities. There’s no down time. And, we wonder why they’re fatigued!

True for the parents and caretakers also. We’re so afraid of missing something, chasing a phantom life that hardly appears. (There must be an app [pill] for that!)

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