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Thiving in the Midst of Change (Field Guide Book) $Sale $1.50 + postage


What is Your Catalyst for Change? (excerpt from Multi-Dimensional Leadership—Business to the Third Power)

Thriving in the Midst of Change can be your personal advisory board to support your decisions and next moves. I call if a Field Guide Book, much like the military generals use in their operations—you cannot know or remember everything!

Being a parent, leader, or business owner can be like “swatting flies!” Can you hear the buzzing now? Swatting flies is similar to the overload thinking, chattery activity, that swirls in our expanding heads. This swirling creates the buzzing when we haven’t navigated a way to extract or define the information to the outside of our heads!

Part of this “swatting-flies” phenomenon is due to the fact that our biology has not kept pace with our technology™. Our biology is still 10,000 years old! We’re overwhelmed and overstimulated by our surroundings and technology.

What does this have to do with a catalyst for change?

I suggest there is another way to live; you always suspected there might be. Use this book to follow me and the experts at your fingertips…for a sneak peek into alternatives to contempo-babble, the buzz of contemporary living.

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