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Magnetic Leadership Field Guidebook—Special to New Members $1.50


Easy to use, enduring leadership lessons that enrich your skills. Always here to answer your questions, 480-510-7166. MC


Personal development guidebook by the experts on the cover.

Shorten your leadership learning curve with these experts on your team.

Inside The Box Or Whatever Shape Your

Business Is In!

  • Did you know “Thinking Outside the Box” is no longer the trend? The question to ask is why you are in a box in the first place!
  • Learn how to plan, design and expand the “box” to retain talent, inspire productivity and finally, have people do what you want them to do!

Magnetic Leadership is the “icebreaker” tool (book) for aspiring company leaders and entrepreneurs.
These secrets are not taught in school; these are talent tested and practical tips steeped in experience.

The benefit: $1.50 per book + postage

The benefit of the guidebook is it is a path for those who want to expose and elevate their own,
employees’ ability to initiate, anticipate the next steps, and “think it through”.

  • Bulk copies are available for your next meeting by calling Michelle Cubas, 480/510-7166 for expedited orders.
  • Your organization receives a courtesy price when your order exceeds 20 copies.
  • Magnetic Leadership is an ideal graduation gift or for people newly promoted, someone who opened a new business, or people who want to refresh their skills.

Executive Insight Development™ begins with the leading emotional intelligence metric, Bar-On EQ-i. This tool is an accurate predictor of one’s own and team potential.

Think of this issue—If you have a website, you are no longer just a local company. Be sure to review The Global Readiness Center™ to acclimate business to different cultures especially within a business. It reduces conflict and boosts morale. It is the hub of skills, techniques and tactics to succeed in a global economy. The focus is on cultural awareness, behavior and etiquette in other cultures and multi-generational impacts on business marketing and procedures! This is an ideal VMP™ project for your business with as few as four people. Sessions can be conducted on-site or remotely like in a Facebook Group just for your team.


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