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Enhance Your Influence with Voice Awareness—Influence, Gestures, & Presentations


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Time for assessment. Ever wondered why you may have been overlooked for a promotion or leadership position? How about driving a special project and pitching it to the rest of your company?

News flash—The sound of your voice can influence people’s perception of you.

Consider these conditions:

  1. You call into a customer service line. You are met with an offshore accent and find it difficult to understand the speaker.
  2. Call a store and the operator sounds 12 years old with a whiny, high-pitched voice.
  3. While listening to a speaker, you become distracted by the tone of the speaker’s voice, flailing arm movements, hands in the pockets jingling change, stiff movements.
  4. Shallow vocabulary to drive home a point.
  5. Histrionic bloated —flowery, formal language designed for literary audiences not business.
  6. Repetition of interrupters: “um”, “like”, “you know”
  7. Confidence or unsureness
  8. Authority or bully energy

With feedback from an objective coach, you can overcome the often unconscious vocal biases of listeners who prefer a male voice. This is in your power to change!

NPR aired a study of two women who changed their voices.  Listen below:


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