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Peer-to-Peer Training Is An Asset

Peer-to-Peer Training Is An Asset

Share what you know!

Knowledge transfer is a precious commodity.

Training is a broad and deep topic. It spans educational outlets and companies. Tightly connected with training is engagement.

If you are a newly promoted manager or a seasoned one with many new team members, you’ve hit pay dirt.

Please let me know how you applied the following ideas:

1. Set a “launch date” for a new approach to initiate a buddy system. It will align everyone instantly and provide a freshness to the learning.
2. Allow people to shine. Have team members share life experiences they use and apply from personal experience. Whether rock climbing or rock ‘n roll band members, we get to know each other better, can connect on different levels, and appreciate that we all have lives outside the office. You will tap into hidden talents you can draw upon when you’re ready to delegate for projects.
3. Introduce humor into your meetings or huddles. Have a new intro each time so all have a turn. Set the guidelines for behavior and tone, and let the stand-up begin!
4. Cross training is a natural outcome of these examples. Not only are people informed of what colleagues actually perform and how they do it, there is an opportunity for input and cooperate. You will notice a drop in conflict when your team interacts like this. Cross training encourages a camaraderie.
5. Set the tone with courtesy and reward the behaviors you observe that you want repeated.

Our VMP™ Method is an ideal way to introduce these ideas with your team. It can be on-site or remotely done. It positions your desired outcomes at top of mind.

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