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One window closes, another one opens

One window closes, another one opens

Happy holidays to you. Each new season provides a clean slate for ideas and activities to continue to move forward. 
In my S.O.S. (Simple Open Strategies) for Challenging Times group on LinkedIn, you can “drop in” on discussions raised by small business owners and enjoy tips and tactics to move through this daunting time. Find us under Groups in alpha order.
Here are some topics we’re working on:
  • Listened to your voice message lately? If U hear, “Sorry I missed you . . . or “We’re either on the phone or …,” or, “I’ll return your call at my earliest convenience,” change it instantly! Instead, use this moment as a 30 second invitation to your website or next event or invite people to leave their phone number and message and let them know what’s new from you.
  • What clever marketing angles do you observe from clients and companies you patronize?
  • Looking for seed money? Check this out. There is little risk and adds energy to your site. // 
  • Other terrific resources are Aardvark for research and crowdsourcing elements, Squidoo and all things Seth Godin -MC

It’s the little things that make a difference. Please join us on LinkedIn and innovate together.


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