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Loose Ends and Promises

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Loose Ends and Promises

The new year is my favorite time because of all the promise it holds. It is a marker, a time to reflect, then proceed forward to accomplish our targets. We humans need structure so markers are stabilizing for us.

This is important because endings are important as beginnings. By closing one chapter, loose ends are tied up. There is a sense of completion. Completion is essential to fulfillment and satisfaction.

Rather than dart from one task to another, we can gain a sense of purpose when we achieve a result or make charted progress toward a set objective.

I find teams are like families. Everyone gets to play! It is essential to map out the course, solicit input, and have participants know they matter through their contribution. This sets the tone for the rest of the year.

Time to Celebrate

Importantly, we must take time to reflect on the progress made and reward diligence and leadership throughout the duration of the project. It is positive to take a step back and breathe in the accomplishment. It is energy to continue progressing.

Clear, uncomplicated communication, preferably in writing, offers opportunities to question and clarify so the pursuit of the objective is unimpeded. When ideas are written they take on weight and value. Participants can check off their progress as well; it’s visual.

Happy holidays and new year. And may all your dedicated work display your purpose and promise to improve our world. -MC


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