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Is Design Thinking for you?

Welcome to the Design Thinking Studio

What is Design Thinking?

One could describe it as a multi-discipline approach to problem solving. Here we will explore Design Thinking as the multi-verse of options for you to re-engage, create, innovate, or whatever you want to build into reality whether a personal aspiration or business idea. It can be used across the spectrum of human endeavors.

It was begun at Stanford University started the Design Institute at d. School. “David M. Kelley founded the design consultancy IDEO in 1991.”

The focus is on the customer or patient. It is an exploratory approach to problem solving. It involves a methodology of steps and prototypes to test in reality. Although not new, it draws upon concepts from engineering, art, science, graphics, and creativity.

A key principle of Design Thinking is empathy. In today’s polarized world, empathy is a quality that can restore hope and nurturing to the human condition.

You will learn how to apply simple steps to enliven your team, family and community projects.

Join in here and let’s discuss how this concept can serve your goals. Indicate on the form one problem you’d like to resolve:

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