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How About a Personality Make Over?

How About a Personality Make Over?

Think big thoughts.

Today’s business climate creates multiple opportunities for fresh thinking. This time is useful to              break bad habits and learn new leadership skills, and to advance your team. If you are a                              solopreneur or a small company, use this time to analyze what’s working and what can be                         discarded to free up your talent.

Here are several ideas for you:

•  Use this time to spruce up team meetings. Keep them short and to the point.

•  Everyone gets to shine. Have team members bring in something they have pride in and share it                 with the team.

•.   Discuss ethics and how they affect your work. Knowing ethics actually reduces stress because                    everyone knows what to do and how to react.

•.   Find out what terrifies people. Assist them to seek out solutions to calm these fears. You’ll find a healthier team energy when they see you are              willing to help. Find out if there is a company employee assistance program or a community solution. This level of honesty shows how you care            for your team.

•.    Since the year is closing, do an analysis, post-mortem, on what went well and what we could do better next time. What did we learn?

These are some of the ideas a coach can work with you and your team as an objective guide.


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