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It is our pleasure to celebrate Mental Health Month and International Coaching Week. In fact, we practice happiness and positive mental health throughout the year. Coaching is a terrific support system in building a positive reinforcement system in your life.

One continuous idea I share with clients is to be kind to yourself. Allow time to recoup your energy and enjoy something that gives you joy. As a token of celebration, I offer you a complimentary private coaching session via Zoom or phone. This is valid through August 14. You can register here.

Also, celebrate Small Businesses with me. As pandemic survivors, we can apply the lessons learned. No more guessing who the essential workers are! You are valuable.

At Positive Potentials, we celebrate coaching year-round! Turn to us as your “secret pal” to guide you through the next “white water rapids!”

Invest in your team with snippet™-coaching sessions to rebalance their commitments during this traumatic time. They will repay you with the depth of loyalty you have earned. They will appreciate your confidence in them, and they will boost business performance.

Small businesses are the driving force behind the American economy. Consider a local small business for contract projects and when you need an “extra pair of hands!” This is more evident today with the COVID pandemic. Support your local businesses!

Revive your resilience and commit to your own values and achievements. Invite coaching a positive resource rather than an invasion! Coaching serves you to overcome Imposter Syndrome, an unhealthy and uncomfortable state of mind.
Be sure to select our segment tab on different types of entrepreneurs. See which one you may be. Learn more . . .


  • Stand apart from the competition.
 • Enhance communication skills.
 • Reinforce your commitments.
 • Sharpen your thinking.
 • Reveal powerful insights for results!

We serve our clients by showing up . . . Our work reduces your stress because you’re focused in a positive direction. You will be clear on next steps because your confidence is boosted when you know what to do!

Our work together shortens your learning curve™ with Knowledge Nuggets™—so you have more time to excel, sharpen your focus, and achieve your goals.

We are dedicated to guiding you to fulfill your vision of success, and assist you as you grow into your career . . . With your passion and ours, there is no limit to what we can do . . .

That’s why we are called Positive Potentials!

Our Services

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Note our latest business boosters:

Pocket Coach Always-On Advisory Use our sessions, materials, and podcasts to reinforce your positive, forward direction. Pocket Coach is your secret source to build your influence and retain your personal power.

Futurize Your Business™. Stop looking at the competition—you’re wasting time and resources. Adapt our 1-Page Business Plan to steer you forward to boost performances!

COVID has changed the face of business. It has shown the gaps in businesses and processes like no business class or webinar could! Allow our 1-Page Business Plan to shorten your revival.

Better manage your processes when “everyone rows in the same direction.”

Make it so there is no competition. No one does what you do like you do it!


Full Collateral and Business Plan Review

Count on a Below-the-Surface review of your message alignment on all your platforms. Are you projecting your desired image that aligns with your company values and offerings? What first impression do you give to viewers? What do your customers hear from you?

Strengthen the message while you stand apart in your field.


Downloads from the Cloud–Enjoy our materials and podcasts. Live link.

Some Of The Things We Do . . . Has More to Do with Who We Are!

Success boils down to Emotional Intelligence. Consider colleagues that had less education or resources, but then soared to great heights!

Our coaching removes nagging doubt and builds confidence. At the highest levels of government, business, family, and professions, everyone will reach a point where s/he is out of familiar depth. “Fake-it-’til-you-make-it” doesn’t cover incompetence. It can foster Imposter Syndrome.
Together we reveal gaps that must be filled before you can achieve complete fulfillment.

Get to know us

You and I are on the same team!
You are not alone. Enjoy the collaborative experience to develop ideas.

Beyond the actual context of our skills in business analysis, emotional intelligence training, and coaching, we actively listen to your ideas. We want to understand your vision and where you want for the future. Our tested support guides you to attain that vision.

Results are about choices. The more informed we are, the better choices and decisions we can make. Leadership is a talent that requires continuous practice and executive action with choices.

Share what you know!

Knowledge transfer is a precious commodity.


Coaching is a process that sharpens decision-making.

Thinking and executive neuro functions have become rare commodities. They are essential for leadership and self-management, the underpinnings of Emotional Intelligence. Coaching encourages and stimulates these functions.


Michelle Cubas

Michelle Cubas, CPCC Certified SMC, Business Analyst & Coach

Coach Certification Badge

I continue to grow in my profession.

Coaching is a process that sharpens decision making.


Our commitment to your self-growth

We value your commitment to self-growth.

With contemporary learning strategies and emotional intelligence standards built in, you are ready for complete responsiveness from your team.

Updates are part of your package. We give you the formula for continuous improvement, and we continue to keep you informed.

Designed to prepare you for your future—promotion, advanced degree, family growth, leadership capacity.

Sales Increase 75%
That which gets measured gets done . . . 85%
Revenue Goals=RESULTS! 98%


Positive Potentials Marketing Expertise, Business Analysis, and Certified Coaching are at your service.

“The way we conduct business has an impact on the community in which we serve,” says Michelle. She advises companies to refresh and elevate their ethics and best practices to reflect higher standards and cultural expectations. Service through the former Arizona Leadership Roundtable, Chambers of Commerce, and Camp CEO boards allow her to interact and serve her community. No stranger to the professional platform, Michelle is a national speaker and presenter. She enlivens her audiences with a blend of expertise and humor. On stage, Michelle is a former USO troupe entertainer at the Northeast Command—Greenland, Iceland, Labrador, Newfoundland, and England.

Come and Succeed with Positive Potentials!

What we’ve done for some of our past clients may provide you with ideas applicable to your circumstances. Each project is customized to the client.

Every company has a signature. It can be a message, look, presence, so we customize all our materials for just you, not a template.

How we work with you to understand what’s important to you:

  • First we listen.
  • We observe before contributing ideas.
  • Assessments are tools that provide in-depth insights into your team.
  • Interactive interviews with key team members to absorb your company culture.
  • We provide you with a comprehensive report on our findings.

First we introduce ourselves and get to know you and your expectations. The framework to work together is founded on your mission, vision, and values. If you haven’t formalized them yet, we will create them with you. For more information, please click on the sliders below.

Power Within
Self Development
Easy Access to Answer Your Questions & Serve You!
Communication Channels
Keys to Fulfillment and Results
Better Choices & Decisions
The Gears
Propel into Your Greatness with Continuous Improvement!
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