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Fresh Insights for Leaders—Lessons Learned from Organic Vegetables!

Fresh Insights for Leaders—Lessons Learned from Organic Vegetables!

Insights can be like relationships. Sometimes we must step into a different perspective from the onset. I liken it to keeping a relationship fresh.
After coaching thousands of people, I found the following “truths” to be reliable:
1.    Pure, rich, non-polluted soil to grow—This is what open minds also need to grow. They can be hard to find.It is required to take fresh looks at established conditions. It takes practice to start walking on a different foot or combing your hair differently.
2.    Fresh is abundant. The perspective comes from adding on rather than detracting from something. Although a shift in vision or thought occurs, it builds upon what preceded the insight. For example, a new coat of paint turns the same room into a studio, or comfort zone, or regal spot.
3.    When we use emotional intelligence, the lessons can be fresh when we take on a different communication style or move into a new role at work or home. For example, being a grandparent is fresh because it can be replete with the joys of being with family without the “daily doings” that accompany it.
4.    Ever heard people say they can’t wait to see an experience from their child’s point of view, like Disneyland? We can invoke this feeling at will and it can change body chemistry! If you don’t have a child, use a colleague and share a new experience with the person.
Three ways to be in a continual “fresh” perspective:
·      Learn a new skill. A coach colleague spoke about having a learner’s mind set when approaching a new project, for example. Rather than starting out in the habitual way you may have, use different tools, even pick a special pen or folder to begin your project.
·      Nature teaches us the joy of variety.Look at a garden and note how many shades of your favorite color you can find.

·       Listen to different types of music for a change. If you enjoy the instrumental parts, consider listening closer to lyrics.
·      Establish a VMP groupThe new VMP can bring such perspectives to you and your team. Find out what it means when you bring the VMP™ Factor to your organization! It’s not a luxury anymore—It’s a professional survival skillset. When you invite me to bring this Emotionally Intelligent strategy into your company, you will maximize team engagement.
For me, staying fresh is buoyed by my curiosity. I want to explore and discover new things about something I already know about. Coaching is a powerful tool because it relies on asking the client powerful questions, usually ones the client has not asked.
Engagement with what tactics you already use and heightened curiosity will point you to take a fresh look. Enjoy!
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