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Futurize Your Business—A Positive Potentials’ Series 2

Our proprietary program, Pivotal Thinking™, is a tool to brace your business for what is to come — How to Encourage Resilience Within.

When consulting or coaching with clients, I encourage them to review their hiring strategies. Catalog what traits they hire for rather than credentials. This proprietary tactic is steeped in emotional intelligence.

Pivotal Thinking Genesis:
“After coaching and training thousands of professionals, I tracked recurring career and personal themes to answer. “Why does one person succeed and another crash?”

Invaluable Traits

The brain’s executive function is a strong trait to highlight. This trait focuses on critical thinking, which in turn, allows for Pivotal Thinking™—high-wire agility! This is significant for making quick decisions that affect the company. Baldrige Quality Principles list agility as “a strategic advantage.” With agility, resilience can take root and weather any storm.

Pivotal Thinking affects our ability to influence situations. Relates to reinventing a business when markets shift—This process is amplified when deployed in the VMP™ environment (Virtual Mastermind Projects), especially effective with multiple locations in different time zones.

Leaders who pursue excellence have an instant edge over those who plod along with the mantra, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” With such a lack of pivotal thinking, ideas and innovation are stifled. Consider these industry originals:
• Sears and Montgomery Ward invented the catalog market. Where are they now?
• K-Mart (S.S. Kresge) v. Walmart
• Blockbuster videos missed the digital transition.
• How many times did IBM reinvent itself?
• Look at Xerox’s message—the document company—No copies here as a limiting message.
• Kodak—For the times of your life. Moved from film to digital. Update: Film is making a comeback with camera buffs.
• Denny’s—Diner theme. Uses nostalgic Americana theme to build emotion (Hits the Boomer market hard, plus, they now have delivery.)

Coach Cubas’ observes the lack of Pivotal Thinking™ in a variety of business environments:
• Hostile and “tricky” work environments, e.g. many part-time employees, use of contractors
• Short-term thinking not focused on results
• Disconnect between values and actions
• Reactive rather than Anticipatory expectations
• ME focus rather than for the “Good of the House”
• Scarcity premise rather than abundance approaches
• Innate “other orientation”rather than continuous improvement
• Lack of trust to delegate tasks creates many bottlenecks in performance

Positive aspects:
• Conserves rather than exploits.
• Employs high emotional intelligence in actions.
• Develops team members to excellence.
• Willing to take reasonable risk (as defined by the  company and team).
• Supports team members and strategic vision.

Lessons learned to establish credibility with your team:
Like children, remember employees
are always watching!

-Demonstrate that you listen to others and don’t have all the answers. (What a relief!)
-Respond to difficult decisions.
-Use transparency rather than storytelling conditions in the company, especially to distribute negative news.
-Model an inclusive approach to management. Revew your actions and language.

Consider these top questions as you begin:
1. What are the pivotal issues for success? Put into a written plan.
2. Prioritize them.
3. Assign resources to them.
4. How far can you go?
5. What can you innovate to advance the outcome?

The good news is that these traits can be learned! Let me demonstrate their value. Bring VMP™ sessions to your organization, and I will be your facilitator.


-People, adults, learn best when engaged. NPR had a segment on new approaches in medical school that move from lectures to interactive groups for optimum learning.
-Embrace the “S” theory. (See next issue for more details.)
-Build on success and experience—Don’t just move on.
-What is the gap between influence and impact? It is the space between thought and action. Let’s work together to make a tighter connection.

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