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ESP, Entrepreneur Syndrome Practices™

ESP, Entrepreneur Syndrome Practices™

As a business coach, I meet and train thousands of people a year, particularly company owners. Entrepreneurs are a unique set of clients. Michael Gerber nailed the experience in his E-Myth books.One element breaks through as the lead issue for entrepreneurs to tackle—How to get out of the TASK. I call it ESP, Entrepreneur Syndrome Practices™.

Often, entrepreneurs don’t realize what is happening to them. Physical symptoms may manifest as well.
Here are ESP symptoms:
1. Denial that help is required.
2. Do everything themselves will save them money.
3. Workaholism sets in, don’t know when to stop, relationships suffer.
4. Stress related health issues—high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep and eating disorders
5. Fear of stopping to plan and think about the business because they may not be able to ramp up their energy again.

How many of these apply to your work style even if you don’t own the company?
There are ways to work through each step.
Provide a value from 1-5, (5 being the most applicable value.)

Give yourself permission to take a break.
Assess the ones with high numbers, and take 10 minutes to jot three bullets
for each one related to taking a step forward, not even the end result. It’s incremental so give yourself a break!
Set one day per week for a 15 minute meeting with yourself to review your items.
Review and evaluation how committed you are fulfilling the bullet points.
If you get stuck, please call me.

Your Coach—MC


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