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Emotional Intelligence

Finally, we’ve identified “common sense.” It IS Emotional intelligence.

Use Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a powerful mapping tool.

Emotional Intelligence is—

“A constellation of abilities that helps us deal with our emotions and those of others.”
Success is measured in coping with environmental demands and one’s ability.

What Clients Want to Know About Emotional Intelligence (EI)

One of the prominent reasons to assess EI for your team is what it reveals about behavior. Debriefing the client reveals
traits and how much self-awareness drives their behavior.

Since the pandemic, emotional intelligence is written about more frequently. We have new patterns of interaction because we’ve experienced the shock of losing jobs, working in new environments, and keeping our attitudes healthy.
EI is the underpinning of predictable behavior. The EQ-i® 2.0 is the tool I use and debrief individually and
with  team profile. It is the accurate predictor of positive outcomes. Consider how important that is for
appointing key assignments, succession planning, remote leadership placement, and general daily achievements.

Benefits follow the SMART model:

    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Accurate
    • Relevant
    • Trainable for change. Yes, the good news is that your emotional quotient is able to change.

Enjoy the podcast here—

Here is an outline sample training day:

Sample VMP™ for Your Team
Emotional Intelligence—An Innovative Energy in the Workplace

Step 1

  • Understand personal styles without judgment
  • Learn to use personal opinion as an evaluation tool
  • Would You Hire Yourself? assessment

Step 2

  • Why are we doing this?
  • How to wrap purpose and company mission into each project.

Step 3

  • Provide Emotional Safety and Comfort—the rest is details.
  • Establish a conducive environment for trust and reliability.
  • Motivational patterns are the key to understanding co-workers, employees, managers and owners!

Step 4

    • Are you the Boss or the Leader?
    • Lead, rather than drive, people to your expectations!
    • Map a Constructive Direction founded on Adaptability

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