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Conservation is abundance

Conservation is abundance

As I am prepping a new project centered on sustainability and new meanings for “green”, I return to conservation. Consider that Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, was deep into conservation. In fact, conservative comes from ones desire to manage resources and use what one needs. (Today’s mention of conservative is like a tourniquet around any change in the status quo. mc)

In my world, conservation is abundance. It centers around using what you need and not hoarding or taking more than a fair share. This old principle requires a sense of discipline and a global view that everyone is worthy to receive.

Political issues taint such a simple concept. It becomes all about money and greed rather than serving a community—the family of mankind.

The people currently hoarding power are afraid to let go because they don’t see other options. They are stuck. Glued to old autocratic ways that justified why they need not share.

My solution is to create a new sustainability track that people subscribe to locally and globally. These centers are non-profit. They are like farmers’ markets and offer a variety of  community services including healthcare options. Hospitals would be returned to non-profit status and serve the community rather than meeting business objectives.

Critical mass is here. A community pilot project on campus would serve as a viable example. MC

This is my entry into ASU’s (Arizona State University’s) crowd-sourcing project seeking solutions to world problems. //


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