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Coach Cubas Coins Collection

Save $$$ with Coach Cubas’ Coins Earning Power
Please accept my gift to you of three coins for finding this page. They will jump start how you advance into the future when you use your coins.

These special coins are a “Thank you” and appreciation to you while having a bit of fun at Positive Potentials’ website—review benefits and offerings, social media and provide feedback to our published materials. We are following in the tradition of “Where’s Waldo.” This is for you-Thanks for participating.

They are Thank-You tokens for investing your time

Redemption Center

Once you have registered the first time, you can easily submit 
the add-on redemption form to achieve your totals. We keep
track for you and do the calculation. If you change emails, 
you can use the same form.

Step 1  Bookmark or print this page for easy reference.

Step 2  Remember to email your form to add-on your points.

Step 3  Enjoy your selections!


Sample Values:

  • 1 Bonus 30-minute Coaching Session$75 Value=5 Coach Cubas Coins
  • Subsequent coaching sessions=$25 bonus off with 10 Coach Cubas Coins
  • BonusPodcast Download from a Pocket Coach Series—$19.95 Value=3 Coach Cubas Coins

Redeem them easily using this catalog:

1 Coin: Check out P.O.D.S. and Tweet your favorite title @CoachCubas.
1 Coin: Respond to a comment at the Positive Potentials’ Facebook Page
2 Coins: 1 complimentary podcast download
3 Coins: 1 complimentary marketing document download 4P’s Marketing PlanComment on Positive Potentials’ Facebook Page on how you will use it.
5 Coins: 1 complimentary 30-minute coaching session $125 Value. Remember coins accrue for bonus dollars off subsequent coaching tuition.
10 Coins: Per book and ebook purchase
10 Coins: Quick Studies
2 Coins: 1 post on Business Influences! blog. There is no limit to posts, each different of course. Please include contextual comment relative to the post. //
3 Coins
Download a podcast and comment on our Facebook Page. Updated at the website under Podcasts.
3 Coins: Book and complete an online meeting with Michelle using V Cita.
5 Coins: Sign in and comment on one of the website pages.
50 Coins: Invite Michelle Cubas to speak at your event or company with at least 25 people present. Please make inquiry and confirm.
75 Coins: Recommend and hire Michelle Cubas, Enterprise Business Coach, to coach and train your company.

Easy to redeem: Questions, please call (480) 510-7166. We will track your coins when you check in.

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