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Q1 2022 • Issues Published Bi-Monthly by Positive Potentials LLC

Dear Chamber Program Director,

Please enjoy the summary paper, Positive Potentials Business Revelations Report. Click or tap to download the report. The findings represent a cross-section of businesses that I researched. These are examples of what businesses neglected or ignored, consciously or not, and did not stop long enough to do an honest assessment or take corrective action in their businesses.

The following sampler topics cover any business, large or small, and represent chosen areas that I know can be remedied within 180 days. The complete report is available as a download for annual report subscribers. Easily subscribe here: You may share this link with all your members, and they can individually subscribe. Positive Potentials will not sell your information. We do not engage nor are we affiliated with any third-party marketing company.

Sample types of companies reviewed and areas of discovery:

  • Real estate offices
  • Home healthcare providers
  • Hospitality like hotels and catering
  • Restaurants
  • Medical practices
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance offices
  • Franchises
  • Personal services, salons
  • Retail
  • Government services
  • Creative outlets (like beauty salons and interior design studios)
  • Schools—public and private

Here is where your members can benefit most. Identify which ones resemble your company. Next, check the boxes, then schedule a short, information-gathering meeting—I will respectfully guard your time.

Mission Critical Areas

These mission critical areas cost thousands in revenue, time, and stress on team members. Ignore them at your own risk.

Leaders from local Chambers share with me they want to add as much certainty and remove fear of the unknown from their members. So, Chambers receive courtesy pricing after the initial review for coaching and facilitation for Chamber members. Also, available are a full review and assessment report on your members’ current business or marketing plans.

General observations
Up to five generations working in the same company.
Lack of focus connected to overall mission.
Focus on wrong things with no priorities
Poor transmission of directions
Lack of focus and deep knowledge to draw upon as resource
Too much focus on “get the job done” no matter the cost
Unintended impacts due to poor planning
Waste—do overs
Lack of supervision
Poor attitudes toward work with no purpose

Already knows everything, one way
Disconnect from frontline
Poor communication skills
Lack of “soft skills”

What is exhibited?
What is rewarded?

How company acculturation occurs.
Shared experiences.
Unilateral view of the organization.
Threatening environment, ripe for harassment.
Competitive rather than collaborative.
Rigid rules based on authority rather than agility.
Evident code of conduct embedded in the mission statement.

Company Actions
Customer care
Employee satisfaction metrics and methods
Employee engagement metrics and methods
Time for fun, shared experiences


Poor onboarding focused on filling out forms rather than imparting company knowledge.
Stress collaboration
Cross training
Lack of micro-learning opportunities
Community involvement

Where is urgency created?
False deadlines
Political posturing
Poor feedback or lack of such mechanisms

Lack of purposeful personal path within the company.
Lack of access or reference to strategic plan.
Disconnect between task and plan.
Gaps in processes, non-adherence to operating procedures.
No concrete succession plan:
Based on politics rather than merit.
No process in place to identify future talent.
No process or lack of awareness of process.
No evidence of business resumption plan in case of disaster.

Process Flow
How work is structured
Time to think
Time to collaborate
Rigid rules
Clear and transparent SOP (Standards)
Equipment placement

Cultural Landmarks
Knowledge transfer
Shared Tribal knowledge

Too much reliance on automation.
Complicated phone messages.
People kept too long on hold.
Flimsy follow-up process and accountability.
Inbound calls are answered before prepared to serve the caller.
“No problem” response rather than “You’re welcome”, especially to older customers.
Intra-company dispersion—how other departments relate to each other’s mandates.
Responsiveness—How to measure?
Redemption rates.
Lack of sustainability practices.
Social media.
Reputation awareness.


Recommended Positive Potentials’ Resolutions:

  •             Reset—set a new “launch” date so everyone begins in the same place.
  •             Introduce micro-learning and scenarios.
  •             Cross training
  •             Develops empathy
  •             Awareness of others’ positions
  •             Take the Baldrige Express assessment as guidelines for your plan.

Next steps and recommendations—subscribe here for your complimentary modules.
Part 2             Behaviors
Part 3             Actions
Part 4             Planning
Part 5             Culture
Part 6             Flow
Part 7             Employee Engagement
Part 8             Communications
Part 9             Responsiveness
Part 10           Resolutions & Results—Based on Baldrige Principles
Select two items you hear about from your members and would like to address from your checkboxes above. We can arrange a presentation around that. Send an email to with your choices.
1.                                                                                             2.
Within larger companies, managers can benefit from this analysis as a pilot program. They can present their findings to senior management and affect positive change.

As we open 2019, I encourage you to share the enclosed entrepreneurial development tool with your members. In this unpredictable political and commercial environment, leaders must create their own stability—a steering mechanism, a rudder—to keep the strategic plan on course.

Your feedback and comments are welcome. Subscribers who respond will receive an hour of complimentary business coaching personally from me.

(480) 510-7166

Best regards,

Michelle Cubas, CPCC, SMC
Certified Business Analyst & Coach
Positive Potentials LLC

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