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Your Business Needs An Annual Check Up Tool!

[sh_dropcap style=”theme” dropshadow=”true” color=”foreground”][/sh_dropcap] favorite song lyric of mine includes these words—“It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish!” These words keep me centered and focused. Now, we can apply this mantra to our business roadmap.

Virtual Mastermind Project

Benefit from a team booster approach to resolve issues who have to resolve.

We have all been exposed and heard to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Policies & Procedures, ISO, and Baldrige Excellence. It does not matter what you call them. What matters is how they are distributed and what assurance you have they are action items.

Consider why it is important to do this?

  • Changing business climate
  • More competitors in the marketplace
  • Catch failing processes and gaps
  • Leadership changes, like succession movement
  • Minimize risks with a solid plan
  • Loss of market share
  • New rules, regulations change quickly
  • Identify where alignment needs adjusting
  • Improve your existing market position
  • Self reflection before customers begin peeling away or want more
  • What is your essential reason? __________________________________________________________________

A mini-version of this is the VMP™ approach. It is an excellent primer to the larger process of strategic planning. Everyone participates. The process reinforces collaboration.

Many companies have annual strategic planning sessions for a three-day off site experience. To make optimized use of this precious time-meaningful and relevant-we must embed the follow-up that must happen to implement the discoveries and decisions that came from the conclave.

Often when a team is so close to the edge, it is difficult for them to see when they step over the side! An objective facilitator is the antidote to keep the event moving and productive.

What does this have to do with processes?

A positive start to your evaluation is to adopt a learner’s mindset. That will require all involved set aside their biases and contribute with fresh eyes and ideas. Begin here:

  1. Set a launch date
  2. Make a big deal about what you’re about to do. Create an identity for participants like T-shirts or caps. People want to belong to the excitement; that their presence makes a difference.
  3. Invite stakeholders from all aspects of the business including outside vendors who may or may not connect directly with your customers.
  4. Be realistic about time frame.
    1. Give the process at least a quarter to take root.
    2. Break the process into segments.
  5. Open the strategic plan:
    1. Assign portions to teams
    2. Have them assess how well each sector ties back to the major plan.
  6. Use the Baldrige Self Assessment as a starting point. There are several reliable assessments. This is the easiest to follow.
    1. ISO is another (more manufacturing oriented) evaluation
    2. https://www.nist.gov/baldrige/self-assessing/improvement-tools
    3. https://www.nist.gov/baldrige/publications/baldrige-excellence-framework

The ultimate benefit is the performance focus and a crystal clear framework.

The assessment provides clarification on business elements that can be overlooked or deliberately ignored until there is a tragic failure. Daily routines and even “best practices” can devolve into a grind. We can lose focus on what and why we are doing what we are doing!

Let me know how it works for you. I’m here to serve.

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Proven, Stress Tested Ways To Build Confidence & Competence

In 1964, as Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart declared about pornography, “I’ll know it when I see it!”

It is the same for competence, confidence and the flipsides of them. We want a dentist to be confident when she works on our teeth. We want a teacher to be confident and competent when we send our children to school. It is the same for business.


Testing one’s abilities is a key ingredient to building confidence. Observe a toddler in action. They fall down and pick themselves up right away. Then, they test their caretaker’s reaction to see if they should cry or not!

Personal mastery

Mastery grows confidence. Success is perceived at “conquering” a task rather than getting it resolved on the first round. That is why practice is key to building confidence.


My coaching mantra is to prepare to meet your greatness! Preparation builds confidence. It is a form of practice and provides an opportunity to walk through situations. It dissolves doubt because you have determined and imagined different scenarios.

Build an environment of trust

For employees, family members or personally, an environment must exist that allows for mistakes. There must be an opportunity to correct the errors or inaccuracies for maximum learning to occur. Research shows we learn more from our mistakes than solving an issue right away. The sequence of events teaches us at each level.

Build critical thinking skills

Move away from getting the “right” answer. Observe students in a classroom, for example. The teacher has an opportunity to provide exploration within the environment. If there is only one answer, not everyone will understand it. Different learning styles will arrive at answers differently. I know math is more precise, but learning how a student arrived at a solution, can inform the teacher where more help would serve.

The Antidote

On the flipside, I have observed incompetence as a symptom of several conditions:

  1. The person has never been exposed to positive platinum service, for example.
  2. The seemingly incompetent person was hired in error based on an emotional decision rather than traits.
  3. The incompetence generates from a negative attitude—“It can’t be done.”
  4. The incompetence emanates from a “bare minimums” attitude because going further may produce failure!
  5. Incompetence can be the result of poor training and can develop a poor attitude in the person, especially if there is no opportunity to rectify a situation.

Observe incompetence

One way to combat incompetence is to observe it. Include incompetence in your record. Discuss it with your team. Consider the amount of time wasted, what was sacrificed in the incident, or what you found. We can learn from those models by writing an antidote to them. Record by voice or digits all the incidents you encounter. At the end of the week, write an additional result to the items and post them in your blog or social media. If you work on a team, have them do the same exercise and report back at the next meeting.

For the positive example, observe competence and track it in a competence log. For example, how did the business attempt to serve you while you were waiting? In-‘N-Out Burger does a fantastic job with this idea when there are long lines at the drive through. An associate comes out with an order board and places your order while you are waiting in your car. It is ready when you get to the window!

My coaching antidote

My coaching antidote to poor attitudes and unqualified people is to hire traits—qualifications being equal, hire the traits required to create the best outcome. For example, in a high energy, production environment, hiring someone who has to complete one task at a time is a detriment. They are not bad, but they will become frustrated and accuracy will be sacrificed. Optimistic, energetic open people can thrive in a high performance environment.

Be sure to “check under the hood” for appropriate hires that satisfy your vision for the optimum team.

Please share your experiences here or on my website: https://www.PositivePotentials.com Happy recording.

Michelle Cubas & Client
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10-Point System Multi-Dimensional Leadership System™

Positive Potentials’ 10-Point System Multi-Dimensional System™

In our book (see products), Magnetic Leadership, I pour my passion about the learned, values-driven leadership style. My theme centers around The End of Dominance: Enter the Multi-Dimensional Leader.

We have all heard about Servant Leadership and Shared Leadership. These ideas are much harder to implement. A company’s culture must be receptive to such ideas and demonstrate a desire to reap the benefits of such models.

The Multi-Dimensional Leader’s™ (MDL) model

The MDL makes decisions founded on long-range values and reasonable risk rather than reaction and illusion.

  1. Has an innate sense of balance and alignment.
  2. Dares to live daily integrity, even when it is difficult to “do the right thing.”
  3. Possesses uncanny vision and courage to be different or contrarian.
  4. Attracts and fosters self-reliant and self-motivated collaborations, people and resources.
  5. Radiates emotional intelligence and teaches others this acquired skill just by being in her/his presence.
  6. Embraces the value of mentoring and professional coaching
  7. Cultivates entrepreneurial energy within the most rigid organization; breathes the vision to elevate the Purpose, Profits and Productivity for everyone within their sphere of influence.
  8. Possesses presence and security to inspire confidence in others
  9. Fosters Business Literacy™ throughout the company and service providers.
  10. Respects and sponsors lifelong learning and models it.

When supporting our clients, we craft the vision in several ways:

•   Identify qualities like those listed above.

•   Determine Fish, flesh or fowl—What do you stand for?

•   Offer strategic transitions, adaptation, and modification for the existing company culture to become the leader’s vision.

•   Define, develop the Entrepreneur’s Mindset™*  and apply Entrepreneurial Energy to each level of the company to stimulate ownership.

•   Strategize and encourage visionary and values-driven leadership in others- productive associates and beneficial alliances who share the values.

The outcome of using Positive Potentials’ model is long-term results

•   Generates increased revenue streams for maximum profitability and resilience in volatile markets.

•   Uses Business Literacy™  and LaserLearning™ Principles to shorten the company’s learning curve (reduced bureaucracy, meritocracy rewards, open architecture, and boosted prized innovation).

•   Manifests self-referred associates bringing freshness to their positions for greater accuracy and energy.

•   Effortless flow rather PUSH/PULL. Stimulates flow performance (based on Mihaly Csiksentmihaly work with optimal experience.)

•   Demonstrates value of streamlined and integrated business operations and processes focused on positive outcomes and results.

•   Inspires all associated with the company and its providers to meaningful work and output, referrals, increased sales, and branding.



*listen to our podcasts in the Cloud downloads portfolio.

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