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Why Emotional Intelligence (EI) Must Drive Your Organization Or Business

Why Emotional Intelligence (EI) Must Drive Your Organization Or Business (an excerpt from Positive Potentials’ LLCs EMBA Series and Certification)

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What is EI anyway?

EI is about perception. With you in the center of an environment, EI is your ability to assess your locale, place, and what else is going on around you.

Comedians call it, “Reading the room!”

This is where you take stock of everything in your surroundings. If there are people there, you can read their non-verbal cues, like facial expressions and posture. This awareness leaves you in a better position to respond in an effective manner.

The simple answer is that it connects you to power and influence! You are accessing real-time data to manage the situation.

With your input from your surroundings, question everything.

Part 2

Self-awareness is a huge part of EI.

Make hot lists:

  1. Make your hot list of what you do well.
  2. Make a list where you need support and new information.


What are effective ways you encourage sales?

Where do I find the courage to move to a new circumstance? Professional or personal

Great to do research. Broaden those horizons. Then . . . get into action. Create your own criteria for the outcome you want.

Don’t know the outcome you want? Then, create a list that you will later be prioritized.

Use the following to get your awareness started. SBIS

  • Situation
  • Behavior
  • Impact
  • Solution

Part 3– The crisis environment

The crisis environment calls on us to become more effective quickly. All our senses are heightened and on alert:

Language—succinct, clear vocabulary, no bloated language, avoid industry jargon
Content—specific details
Teachable—to others in my sphere, do their part to get beyond the crisis.

Elaina Zuker, Influence Guru, The World Economic Forum, and the Harvard Business Review) reveal that “Influence and Communication Skills are the #1 Skillset required today”.

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How About a Personality Make Over?

Think big thoughts.

Today’s business climate creates multiple opportunities for fresh thinking. This time is useful to              break bad habits and learn new leadership skills, and to advance your team. If you are a                              solopreneur or a small company, use this time to analyze what’s working and what can be                         discarded to free up your talent.

Here are several ideas for you:

•  Use this time to spruce up team meetings. Keep them short and to the point.

•  Everyone gets to shine. Have team members bring in something they have pride in and share it                 with the team.

•.   Discuss ethics and how they affect your work. Knowing ethics actually reduces stress because                    everyone knows what to do and how to react.

•.   Find out what terrifies people. Assist them to seek out solutions to calm these fears. You’ll find a healthier team energy when they see you are              willing to help. Find out if there is a company employee assistance program or a community solution. This level of honesty shows how you care            for your team.

•.    Since the year is closing, do an analysis, post-mortem, on what went well and what we could do better next time. What did we learn?

These are some of the ideas a coach can work with you and your team as an objective guide.


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A take on the correlation between coaching and high performance . . .


This is a question often asked by people who do not have a coaching experience. As we learn easily from examples, my analogy for the relationship between coaching is with sports figures, Olympians, and fitness gurus. Sure, they can train by themselves. The coach is an assurance policy they will produce the best outcome from an objective perspective. Performance progress is about improvement and advancement from the last episode. The coach is the witness and expert to call out what needs improvement and what is excellent. For example, the coach may demonstrate technique, yet may not be scoring a 10 on their own style. They are experienced and studied to know without being the best athlete themselves.

The role of the coach:

  • The coach is a witness and sounding board.
  • A coach encourages and inspires the pupil to keep moving forward.
  • A coach questions and promotes thought into action.
  • A coach challenges the pupil beyond self-limiting beliefs.

Years of research and interaction with clients show me the top five issues a coach responds to regarding a client’s performance at work and on a personal level—

  1. Belief
  2. Environment
  3. Fear factor
    1. Imposter syndrome Smartest person in room
      1. Prove to oneself they are worthy
    2. Procrastination
      1. Fear-based behavior
      2. Don’t want to make a bad decision
        1. Self-Victimization
        2. Steeped in criticism
      3. FOMO—Fear of Missing Out
        1. Too much emphasis on what others think about oneself.
        2. Fear of left behind, abandonment
      4. Tolerances
        1. Sap energy
        2. Distractions
      5. Temperament
        1. Persistent
        2. Optimistic v pessimistic
        3. Self-definitions of achievement and success

These manifest in negative or positive self-talk and body language. They can be culprits for self-sabotage.


The coach holds up a mirror to the client so he/she can see themselves for who they really are in a safe space. No criticism only room for improvement and powerful questions that bring issues to the foreground. Course corrections are made with the full commitment of the client; the client knows that coach has his/her best interest always. The trust must be established. The relationship is sacred and promotes growth, understanding, and fulfillment on one’s own terms.

How does your work environment, even as a solopreneur, create a high-performance impetus for you to thrive?*

Why is this topic so critical?

The ultimate trust bondWe put our lives in their hands!

This is how we begin to build an award-winning culture in the workplace and at home. That will be our next entry.

*When you send me an email with a response, you will receive a complimentary 30-minute coaching session for any issue you desire. Eager to serve you to be your best self. Mc






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