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Calling All Veterans Who Want To Start A Business

Calling All Veterans Who Want To Start A Business

Sometimes frustration is the first cousin to necessity in regard to invention! I attempted almost a year to contact the Veteran’s Administration in Phoenix to offer this program. After ten months, I finally got an appointment. What I found was the idea had a better chance of survival launched by me as a private citizen than attempting to obtain approvals and recommendations from VA departments.

Personally, after observing my granddaughter’s return, who served in Iraq, struggle with her “re-entry” into civilian life, I wanted to offer a way to support her and her comrades. When she returned I saw how disoriented and seemingly lost she appeared. I wanted to help her but didn’t know how. What better way than with what I knew how to do as a certified business coach, (

So here I am . . .
This program is designed for our returning military and veterans from 2000 to the present. Although veterans can be highly skilled, they may need time to decompress and to adjust to civilian life. This way we can lend a hand.

As a former USO (United Service Organization) entertainer, I served our troops in the Northeast Command. The experience taught me how much bringing a touch of “home” and understanding means so much to our warriors.

Daily, the news spouts all the difficulties with job issues. With current economic circumstances causing everyone to be more conscious of their employment options, as an optimistic coach, I say there’s another way! I can offer another success factor to our military.

No red tape, no bureaucracy to deal with, just genuine interest and concern to support people to fulfill their goals and reach toward their dreams. Sponsors and participant coaches are key success factors for this program.

Every veteran can apply to open enrollment and complete the application (questionnaire.) The more coaches registered, the greater number of veterans we can serve.
It is one-page and easy to manage. Candidates will self-select how serious they are by completing Part 2 of the application describing their vision.

Criteria to participate in this program:
The criteria is simple:
1. Submit a letter of interest to participate in the program.
Applicants will self-select which direction to pursue:
A. Start a business or join an existing business like family-owned.
B. Refresh interviewing and job seeking skills like how to answer the interviewer, posture and presence.
C. Have an idea and needs direction to give it form and function.

2. The applicant will demonstrate in their applications a steadfast desire to start or own a business. Not all applications will be selected. However, all applicants will have access to additional resources.

3. The applicant will provide a two-page essay on the vision they have.

4. They will indicate existing resources and support they will bring to the project. 5. Coaches will conduct a primary interview for selection based on the reality of the situation. No one will be sent away empty-handed. We will provide other resources like SCORE and Chamber services they can access. ___________________________________________________

Letters of Interest Applications
Candidates can apply online All veterans will have access to our resources. Please complete the attached application and submit for review by email or regular mail to:
Positive Potentials
12756 W. Maya Way
Peoria, AZ 85383

Coaches interested in participating in the Biz for Vets™ Registry click here to send email. Please put COACH in the Subject Line. Include details about your certification, experience, and training. I will contact you for a phone interview within seven days of receipt.
Sponsors seeking a fulfilling project, please click here and put SPONSORS in the subject line.


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  1. Reply Anonymous

    This is a great idea. I will bring it up at work. It would be excellent to have the support of the company.


  2. Reply fashion

    I like your article and will forward it to some of the veterans I'm working with.

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