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Business Not Personal? Think again . . .

Business Not Personal? Think again . . .

How long have you had the perspective that business isn’t personal? Donald Trump drove home this point in many episodes of The Apprentice. I want to differ with Donald.

With the $billions$ being spent on marketing and wooing customers and prospects, how can the “personal” be overlooked?
What researchers may refer to as personal can border on voyeurism! I don’t think that’s what the customer had in mind.

Personal is easy. It has just gone out of style. Personal and “cool” don’t mix well.
It’s about building a connection, a bridge, a trust link back to you from the customer’s mind share.

Too much is riding on the nit picking and chasing the research while a simple phone call or friendly note will do. Think about the last time you received a note of appreciation or someone enjoyed your article. How many times did you read it? Put it on the fridge, did you! We’re hungry for authentic feedback that someone was influenced by being in the same “space” (not My Space!) as we were.

Go forward with the personal idea. Make it count. Smile at strangers and make them wonder what you’re on. Be the person others like to gather ’round. You’ll be surprised how much business evolves out of those emotions people try to avoid.

So, now we know business is person. The next step is to make it count for something. Let us connect on that point next time.

From me to you, your coach,
Michelle Cubas


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