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Bright Shiny Objects Are Appealing

Bright Shiny Objects Are Appealing

Often the expression, “Chasing bright shiny objects” refers to them as distractions. I advocate to take a different perspective.

Think of bright shiny objects as a source of energy or refreshment—the new car smell or getting a new bicycle! For me, bright shiny objects are about new ideas and different approaches to old situations; it was not about the objects as much as the promise of how I would use them.

Daily, I make an effort to apply the bright-shiny-objects idea to my business to keep it fresh and exciting. It is my perception of the anticipation of looking “under the hood” and finding a surprise that moves me. Sure, the passion for my work brings the energy for enjoyment.

How about creating bright shiny objects for clients, family and friends! I like to invest in ways to advance relationships.

Every time I speak to an audience, it is a fresh beginning because it’s a first time with them. Ideas and concepts I may have discussed previously, are now brand new to my listeners. Audience response refreshes my perspective on the subject matter I put forth.

While speaking to prospects, for example, about new ways to work with their employees (now multi-generations and multi-cultural people), who retort they’ve “done it this way for 20 years”, is a terrific opening for me to challenge them that it may be time to take a fresh look at what they’re doing!

Human nature resists change so I position it as a shift rather than change. Strategy can be a way to do something differently from recent training or new information brought to their attention. An effective approach is a project launch or special event celebration. It is a stand alone activity and requires awareness of the audience it addresses like early adopters or employees. Retail stores often will do a re-grand opening to generate fresh energy around them and in their personnel.

Remember, there are always new people being hired or promoted. It may be old news to you, but it’s a discovery for others. Here is the challenge, especially if you manage people—to keep processes and operations running smoothly. We want people out of the robotic consciousness of their routines and to adopt a “beginner mindset” (as coaching refers to it) to sustain heightened awareness. This method improves accuracy, reduces accidents, and raises performance.

What old idea have you put a new spin on? Please send it to me. Yes, I’m saying we can teach “an old dog new tricks!” Go discover! MC


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