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Boards of Directors (BOD’s)

Boards of Directors (BOD’s)

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Gather your team for enthusiastic collaboration and use VMP as a team building catalyst!

BODs have unique issues. The Board often has many high profile people that may not know about the others’ industry issues and details. In order to mesh, BODs require facilitation by someone who can guide the people toward their common goal. Then, the trick is how to get them to work together using all the different behavioral styles and energy levels.

BODs require objective guidance and input, clarification while some may be jockeying for position.
Boards of Directors (BODs) can be paid participants or volunteers. Also, they bring their perceived authority with them even though the authority isn’t valid on the new board. These expectations and operating procedures must be clarified up front when a member is installed on the board.

VMP™ (Virtual Mastermind Projects) are ideal for board development. They will learn a new skill set they can take back to their teams.

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