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So, What’s Respect Anyway?

Do you believe in synchrodestiny—where actions, words and people “magically” connect at the same time? It happened to me this evening when I attended a local networking event. The speaker was an 85-year old man who was George Burns incarnate with Henny Youngman’s humor (one-liners for you youngsters.) The speaker DID say something profound; something […]

What Would Oprah Do?

Entertainment is the late 20th-early 21st century’s religious experience. We are starving for connection, not information. So, we’ve accepted “stars” as manna from heaven. Why is it any surprise that Oprah would stand apart as a spiritual leader when that is what she is known for—lifting people’s spirits! Oprah lives her creed, she is generous, […]

You’re already “There”

The shifting sands of contemporary business continually create competitive movement that may not be appropriate to your business. That lure can be costly and counterproductive. Like parenthood, who better than you to know what your “rules” are, what flys in your universe and what it takes to be successful. This must be communicated to those […]

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