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Forget about Time Management!

A smart person once said. “We all get the same 24 hours!” As a coach, I ask, “What do you do with yours!” Unfortunately, clients reveal they waste a good portion of it. There are many reasons: Fear is the main culprit. So much emphasis in American culture is put on the “right answer!” * […]

A take on the correlation between coaching and high performance . . .

x This is a question often asked by people who do not have a coaching experience. As we learn easily from examples, my analogy for the relationship between coaching is with sports figures, Olympians, and fitness gurus. Sure, they can train by themselves. The coach is an assurance policy they will produce the best outcome […]

Steps to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Can you tell who is the smartest person in the photo? Of course not. However, when you use your Emotional Intelligence Spidey Sense, there are clues you can spot. In a Galaxy Far, Far Away . . . people used to say, Fake it ’til you make it” as a mantra. This bravado approach works […]

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