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BizForVets™ Since 1995

As a former USO (United Service Organization) entertainer, the military has a special place in my heart. In some small way, I feel I brought a bit of home to our troops. Now it’s my turn to serve our veterans, so I created the Biz4Vets™ program in 1995.

This program is designed for our returning military veterans and their partners from 2000-Current date. 
Although veterans can be highly skilled, they may need time to decompress and  to adjust to civilian life.
We can lend a hand.

Through my professional coaching practice and network, colleagues and I are offering 10 hours of contributed coaching to veterans in several ways as a thank you for their service:
1. Those interested in starting a business can build a plan. Biz4Vets assistance includes how to write an effective business and marketing plan.
2. Those wanting to refresh their re-entry work skills like for interviews receive savvy guidance and supportive practice. Assistance includes exposure to effective interviewing techniques, what is current in the market, attitude and business shifts, and tips to improve the hiring ratio.
3. Those wanting to know how to maximize their credentials, we can “package” and market you as a product. We brand you with professionally produced résumés and cover letters based on your specialty skills and credentials.
4. We are here to listen to what they need to move forward. We want to know you and listen to your experience. This session is usually recorded and can be used for future reference.

As a former USO (United Service Organization) entertainer, I served our troops in the 
Northeast Command. The experience taught me how important it is to welcome our
warriors home and provide a path to their civilian success.

Veterans, we encourage you to create a dream business or 
promote yourself with confidence. You’ve come to the right place to receive a strong start.
My colleagues and I can offer our returning military an enriching transitional experience.
Our engagement with our Veterans is a success factor. 
No red tape, no bureaucracy, just genuine interest and concern 
to support generous people who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms.
It is our turn to boost their abilities to fulfill their goals and help them reach toward their dreams.

New applications will be accepted through  2020.
Interested yourself or know someone who can benefit from this golden opportunity, please download the application below:

Biz4Vets™ Criteria

This program is designed for someone eager to move forward. The coaches provide the framework through structure of the plan and coaching.


  • Everyone can apply to open enrollment complete the application (questionnaire.) It is one-page and easy to complete. I will put it online as well. Candidates will self-select how serious they are by completing Part 2 of the application describing their vision. The coaches will use this as a guide upon entry into the program.
  • Each coach will create a waiting list to select future candidates, logged by date of inquiry, forwarded to me to include in the master database, and then logged in receipt of their responses.
  • There will be a 30-day window to review applications and respond.
  • The process may extend over 90 days for scheduling purposes.

The criteria is simple and designed for a quick start:

  1. Applicants will self-select which direction to pursue from 1, 2, or 3 below:
  2. Start a business or join an existing business like family-owned.
  3. Refresh interviewing and job seeking skills like how to answer the interviewer, posture and presence.

Scope of the Project: The main objective of the Biz4Vets™ Project is to serve the veteran to have meaningful work and purpose in their civilian lives and to make an easy transition with maximum support.

  • The veteran has an idea and needs direction to give it form and function.
  • The applicants will have to demonstrate in their applications a steadfast desire to start or own a business.
  • The applicants will provide a two-page essay on the vision they have.
  • They will indicate existing resources and support they will bring to the project.
  • Coaches will conduct a primary interview for selection based on the reality of the situation. No one will be sent away empty-handed. We will provide other resources like SCORE and Chamber services they can access.

Select the Coaches:

On the coaching side, I will provide a plan outline I use with my private clients. This will keep everyone synchronized based on the same information.

  • I will interview each coach and approve credentials.
  • I will conduct a coaches’ orientation.
  • I will maintain a coach registry of participating coaches. With their permission, I will spotlight them in reports and public relations materials.
  • I will provide support materials for which I am seeking community and commercial sponsors.
  • I recommend keeping a time log and working in 30-minute increments.
  • Coaches agree to at least five candidates a month to do justice to the quality of time.
  • Coaches may submit sample work and supplements for program approval to assist the participant.
  • Coaches will be able to use the Biz4Vets™ logo to post in newsletters, blogs, podcasts and websites showing their community support for our veterans.

For more information to sponsor a Veteran or need more information about the opportunity, please complete the form below:

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