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Biz4Vets™ Sponsor Information

Lead Coach is Michelle Cubas serving our military and first responders.
I welcome you to the Positive Potentials’ Team and Community Project

Please join us:

Veterans and Partners, thank you for your service and keeping watch over us. To humbly offer you a “thank you”, please note that through January 17, we will offer you complimentary support services, without a sponsor, to re-enter the job market or start a business. Please complete a short application here to share your interest.

As a former USO (United Service Organization) entertainer, the military has a special place in my heart. In some small way, I feel I brought a bit of home to our troops. Now it’s my turn to serve our veterans, so I created the Biz4Vets™ program in 1995.

Coaches, Community Leaders, and Business Leaders

Coaches and business leaders who wish to mentor Veterans, please indicate your interest in doing so below. Please indicate how you can support the civilian business journey of our Veterans and Veteran partners.


As a sponsor, there is a one-time fee of $185.00 to support the program for your Veteran.
All sponsors are welcome and will be posted on our website for making this significant contribution.

Share a Sponsorship

Small business owners can share a sponsorship, as a cluster of four people, in a cost-contained way to support our Veterans. They will be posted as contributors with their cluster name. This is useful reference when you promote your business and demonstrate your community service. Your employees will enjoy being part of a company that cares. Plus, Millennials and GenZ are tuned into companies that demonstrate civic responsibility. 

In-kind contributions are accepted as follows:

  • Workspace
  • Software and training on it like ACT!
  • Office equipment
  • Office supplies
  • Computers
  • Children’s day care credits
  • Please inquire for other contributions. Thank you.

Please share this opportunity to assist Veterans beyond a once-a-year celebration for their brave service and sacrifice.

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