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Biz4Vets™ Seeking Certified Coaches and Business Analysts

Biz4Vets™ Seeking Certified Coaches and Business Analysts

Biz4Vets™ Is Seeking Certified Coaches and Business Analysts

My Biz4Vets™ program offers 12 hrs. of complimentary coaching to Vets and their partners to write a business plan;
create self-marketing documents, like résumés; and persona perception awareness™ for interviewing expertise, or
just want to acclimate to the new workplace environment. Qualification dates of service are from 1992-Present.

I am seeking qualified business professionals to support our veterans and their partners to thank them for their serve.
Donating your time is a noble gift to these brave and valiant people. We want to provide as easy a transition to civilian life as possible.

As many people will be in different locations, professionals must be comfortable coaching via telephone, Skype, or video.

One-time registration fee: $25.00.

Practioner Requirements:
  • Certified coaches
  • Working business professionals
  • Trades oeople willing to share their crafts to prepare a veteran for certification and further training.
  • Applications begin on April 1, 2019.
  • One-time registration fee: $25.00.
  • Questions about qualifications, please contact Michelle Cubas, 480-510-7166.
Practitioner Requirements:
  1. Professionals will bring a sponsor to the program for a minimum of $400 per veteran.
    For example, this can be comprised of multiple contributions from a pool of contributors.
    The contribution will be applied to materials and fees required for the veteran to complete
    training and keep the program running.
  2. Have the ability to contribute 12 hours to the project.
  3. Be available for follow-up.
  4. Publicize your participation on your marketing materials with the website ( and logo.Open applications begin April 1, 2019! Be among the first to say, Thank You!

Please indicate your interest below. Include your industry, years of experience, and what you can bring to the Big4Vets™ Program. I will contact you personally. Thank you for your generosity. MC

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