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Biz school failed to teach us to ask the pertinent questions

Biz school failed to teach us to ask the pertinent questions

Bottlenecks, Gaps, and Few Bridges

Part of the reason is the framework schoolwork is built upon—competition.

Yes, it is healthy to have competitors. But, more positive outcomes will flourish with another “C” word—Collaboration. Another “C” word is courage from senior leaders. Rather than drawing on third-grade energy to always have the “right” answer, courage is required to permit exploration and stimulate curiosity to open the door for innovation.

Innovation emanates from an environment that encourages exploration and rewards curiosity rather than focus on mistakes.

Whether you’re a general manager of a large company or a team leader of two members, achieving goals and objectives begin with asking the pertinent questions. Our coaching does that for you. Our work together provides a solid, non-judgmental space to challenge perspectives and develop resilience to address new challenges.

Leadership is an attitude and behavior, it is not bossing people around and assigning blame. Coaching stimulates confidence and solid decision making.

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