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Back to School Mentality

Back to School Mentality

Isn’t it strange how we mark time?

Even in business today, Back to School is a season.
People with children are geared to this concept.

Think of it as a fresh start for your business, too.
What are ways you can go back to school to advance your
career or position?

Consider these ideas:
• Refresh your interpersonal skills and study an etiquette book. (This can improve your career as well!)
• Study a software program that you use all the time, and find a new feature from the “help” section or manual.
• Take a course in something you’ve never done before—floral arranging, tai chi, singing, child development.
• Commit to reading a book a month for the next year.
• Check out Chase’s Book of Events and see how many unusual celebrations there are and tie one to your company—National Women’s Friendship Day is coming up September 15!
• Learn another language.

The famous physicist, Richard Feyderman wrote a book called, The Pleasure of Finding Things Out.
That’s my challenge to you—explore, stimulate your curiosity and be amazed at how much you can learn.

The ultimate benefit is how you will develop a keen appreciation for life, not to mention staving off Altzheimer’s and dementia by building additional pathways in your brain while you learn.

Shut off the T.V., unplug your iPod and breathe in a world of possibilities.

Your coach,
Michelle Cubas


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