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Are You A Hero Or A Goat?

Are You A Hero Or A Goat?

This question can be a useful tool to measure your intentions or to assist you while making a decision. We know intentions count when seeking a solution or serving a client.

Just stopping long enough to ponder this silly comparison may add perspective to your choices.

Here are a limited list of conditions for comparison:

  • Heroes are selfless. They DO something for nothing. 
  • Heroes put others first. 
  • Heroes give others credit.
  • Heroes can act and respond quickly.
  • Heroes are self-directed.
  • Heroes come in all shapes and sizes
  • Independent thinker.


  • Goats are always looking for a handout for something to “eat.”
  • Goats are friendly and need to be herded.
  • Goats can give milk, one flavor, and you do the work!
  • Goats are sure-footed and climb rough terrain when guided.
  • Herd mentality.

Ultimately, I ask myself, “Do I want to be a hero or a goat?” What am I willing to do, to step up for my friends, family, or clients? Sometimes, we have to break our own “log jam.”

What are your steps to make a decision? -MC


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