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Positive Potentials' tools: Business Analysis, Marketing Strategies and Plans,

Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Training,

Business and Executive Coaching,

Team & Board Development,

and Business Editorial and Social Media Publishing . . .

All Available in Business Spanish!

All of these elements MUST Be Synchronized
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We "show up" for you with these offerings as Small Business Solutions to Deliver Results.

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Positive Potentials LLC  

Welcome to the world of results using

Business Analysis, Marketing Strategies and Plans,

Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Training,

Business and Executive Coaching,

Team & Board Development, and Business Editorial and Social Media Publishing

Positive Potentials' services support and transform what you already know

and accelerate the Business Literacy™ in your business and industry context.

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Make this coming year fruitful and purposeful.

Please understand there is no WLB (work-life-balance)—only choices.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.


And, your success is all tied to your Emotional Intelligence.

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"Michelle was very supportive of me when I spoke at the AZ Authors Association and was even more generous when she volunteered her valuable time to speak for my Scottsdale Society of Women Writers - I know she gives of her time with "paying forward" in mind and it has paid off for her. Michelle serves her community and her clients well." Patricia L. Brooks, President, Scottsdale Society of Women Writers


"Nothing happens until something moves." Einstein

Coaching moves you!

Stylized coffee cup with energy sparks Just add coaching . . .

Re-discover yourself through coaching--Bring optimism back to your perspectives—fresh career opportunities, refresh relationships, create freedom, become an entrepreneur.  Ask me about the Personal Strategic Life Plan (PSLP) and added resources.

That's my coaching premise. I know there is an easier way to be fulfilled and excited about your work and your life with purpose and direction. This approach can be provocative and stimulating when people are ready to "fall" forward.

Think of our coaching work together as a flashlight shining light on what you already know viscerally but are often fearful of expressing it for a myriad of reasons. Let's expose them and get rid of them.

Frustrated? Do you hear that little voice in our head?

"I need someone to listen to me!"

"I need a sounding board!"

Please provide your name, issue and best time to reach you. (Specify your time zone, please, if you would like to receive a personal phone call. Thanks. -MC)

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Reasons can be curiosity, someone likes a value, because they can? What's your reason?

Whether you have a business question or are hatching an entrepreneurial idea
or you want someone to hear you out, this is just 4 U.
Find out here.

This is a “Thank You” for continually assisting my organization in its strategic planning efforts. 

I am impressed with your professionalism, efficient service and analytical skills.  Your insight is energizing and your passion is shown in your emails, discussions and completed projects. If you are looking to institute profitability in your company I highly recommend Michelle Cubas as your Business Coach.

Theresa Keves, MBA/TA Mediator
President, DeNovo Business Enthusiasts

My reason for being is to serve you:

Individuals, company and business leaders, and communities

through positive and effective communications, strategic thinking and

planning development so everyone benefits within each sphere of influence.

Curious as to what our work looks like? 480/510-7166

Coaching puts business solutions and results in your hands.

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"Positive Potentials got my attention with these words:

“Our reason for being is to serve individuals, companies, businesses and communities

through positive and effective communications and strategies…and development."

Beverly M. Owens, Ph.D., Mediator, Unlimited Resolutions Mediation, Inc.

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As Featured On EzineArticles

When you have little time, be selective as to what you focus on and let into your mind.

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Think "streamline" as a first step to improve your processes.

Here are helpful entrepreneurial workshop tools to get you started: Positive Potentials' Biz Picks Michael Gerber 4 EntrepreneursMichael Gerber 4 Entrepreneurs Edward De Bono Thinking   Work-Life-Balance Choices Work-Life-Balance Choices Kindle & Electronic Friends Affordable "Apples" Podcast & Documentation Tools

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"Firstly I want to thank you for my eWomenNetwork complimentary coaching sessions. I so much appreciated it. Your advice "Just show up at Networking meetings and be yourself" made me the Networking Queen in the San Francisco Bay Area! I developed a love for networking and discovered the secrets to building successful relationships with Entrepreneurs. Since our coaching sessions, I re-positioned myself and would love to share with you tonight, that I had a very successful and profitable 2007."  - Ursula Kauth, Marketing Consultant, California


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We love shortening your learning curve!  Tune into one of the the top three issues facing

all sized companies today:

Multi-Generational Marketing & Its Impact on Your Company

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A continuous focus of our sessions is on how to enhance your most important assetyour ability to influence decisions.

Influencing others is a critical business skill required for sales results in marketing, communications and business development sales today. Strong interpersonal and influencing skills are essential as we work in teams, interact with those from other disciplines, to “sell” our ideas and projects to upper management. Join us and see how you can now embed influence into your best practices, too.


learn more


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Coaching, Consulting & Training


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Decade Announcement from Michelle Cubas! Entrepreneur Mastery Academy


Coach Cubas' Commentary—So what's new in Q2-2015?

Excited to announce Entrepreneur Mastery Academy. Please enjoy the FREE module to help us celebrate this major project and addition to Positive Potentials' resources for you.


  • Find new fulfillment strategies in my blog.
  • Could your phone system use an update or how about learning one new app on the tablet you just bought.
  • There are so many possibilities . . .and that can create overwhelm!
  • So, just pick one and do it . . . NOW!

Here's a complimentary Personal Planning Page to get you started.

Enjoy a few tips to get the creative energy flowing . . .


"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail."  Abraham Maslow

Why Coaching Works

by swrightcreative.
Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.

Coaching is established on trust.

Privacy Policy & Security Assurance:  

Your contact information and comments will never be shared unless you provide specific permission to do so. We do not sell or provide access to our list.


As Positive Potentials LLC and LifeSkills™ Seminars, we want to serve you,

your team, and your company. As a collaborative effort, you will find

enjoyment, fulfillment, and solutions to what holds you back, limits your options,

and prevents you from living a life by choice and on purpose.

Positive Potentials' services energize, support, and transform what you already know and

accelerate your Business Literacy™. You invite us into your company where you are treated

as our only client. There is no intrusion, just an assisted collaboration to bring solutions that boost your business results.

Working with us is easy—

You can access a vault of dynamic business plans, materials and strategies without feeling like we are taking over your operation. Here's a Personal Planning Page to get you started:

Clients enjoy our dynamic and tested tools like the following items:

  • Small Business Marketing and Coaching—Team and Individual
  • Executive Individual and Group Performance Assessment Coaching
  • Marketing Communication Services—New Program and Brand Development, Promotion and Social Media Awareness
  • Business plan review and certification
  • Close-the-Gap™ Assessment and Analysis
  • Company Culture Evaluations and Growth Facilitation
  • Strategic and Market Planning to "Futurize Your Business™"
  • Media, Image Management and Business Publishing Your Ideas
  • Assess Multi-Generational Impacts on Your Business Plan
  • Advanced Communication Skill Development
  • Board of Directors Training-Profit and Not for Profit                                                             

Strengthen your market position and remove uncertainty from your path. 

Small Business Market Coaching raises your company resonance

and amplifies your marketing voice. It transcends "feeling good"

because it is grounded in performance metrics.

Turn Purpose into Performance Webinar—Podcast available. Register here for no-fee admission.

Tailored for entrepreneurs and business owners. Bridge the disconnect between Purpose and Performance at every level of the business. Use the foundational podcast "chunks" to synthesize all the information you must manage without becoming overwhelmed! Join us so you will now know how and be able to apply your new-found wisdom immediately.

This workshop is Stage 1 (1 hour) for business newcomers, start-ups, and people who need to refresh their marketing to keep pace with the many sudden shifts in the new economy.

The enormous recipient benefits are cost containment and stress reduction from following this blueprint. The coaching guidance and direction are invaluable, especially companies on a tight budget and with limited resources like personnel. Worksheets and templates will be available for immediate use.


We embrace social media because it keeps us close to our clients, and we can track the latest marketing trends. Help me earn a customized URL by clicking here and "Liking" us on our business page. Thanks. MC

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 Enjoy my blog.  Business Influences! Comments welcome!


Mentors Guild for senior managers  Here is an additional resource for C-Suite Executives, Board Members,and senior managers.  There is a Publishing Guide board answering things like all those comma questions, plus graphics and business visuals. Enjoy and please share them.

My latest project is working with

Their project is to teach youngsters through SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and a game they've created: "Research now proves that this set of skills not only helps children learn in school, it helps them develop into happier, healthier children all around. It sets them on a path to thrive in every area of their lives. We think it leads to a better world and we're doing everything we can to make more parents aware of it."

In weeks to come, I will be blogging on the topic as well as sharing in the ezine about these essential skills. Priority one is to reduce the effects of bullying with this raised awareness.

Station WIFYSo, what's in it for you?

When you register as a member, you receive an introductory assessment.

(Tap the mic Podcast microphone click herefor a Podcast.)


Want to know more?

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Media Kit

Enjoy our interview on Best People We Know, Host Deb Scott.

There is a link in the Small Business Coaching Village.

You can also download the segment at Deb's site.

Small Business Coaching VillageJoin us today

and gain access to colleagues, specialty resources and events.

Small Business Boosting Series

Portable Power's™ Invisible Impact on Your Business

Ideal for Organizational Development.

Learn the Secrets of Influence—The Portable Power You Need for Business & Personal Success 

Now available for download!

Find new resources continually posted at the Small Business Coaching Village!

Check in here and join Small Business Coaching Village!

Use our crowd-sourcing concept to beat the odds in this crazy market.

Just sign in at the above link.

Also, help a colleague and share our resources. We have special team fees.

Benefit from group or individual strategy direction on your life path and for small business solutions.

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Positive Potentials' Specialized Services

Coaching, Consulting & Training


Media Map and Management

The Art of Governance-Board of Director Development

Business Analysis and Performance Assessment

Likely the singular most powerful tools you will use to masterfully move your voice and message into and above the crowd are your marketing messages. The range from internal and external communications through creative and distribution of your "wares" is highly sensitive and critical if you want to be noticed and perceived as a leader in your industry. From package design, voice mail messages and web site strategy to trade show management, and presentations, our two decades of expertise boost your marketing presence, exposures and positioning.

Please review how we benefit you.

Coaching supports you and tackles job insecurity and smart job creation.

Job Creation and Hiring are the lifeblood of your business.

If your business is not in "thrive" mode, it is in decline. Gravity pushes the status quo backwards.

Tap into what you must know to plow through a sluggish and regressive economy and still emerge ahead and profitable. You cannot afford not to ignore this alert. When was the last time you visited a high school or sat on an education committee? The gaps are enormous between the reality of the workplace and public education. Until education catches up with the workplace especially in the U.S., business will pay the bill for education. Find out how you can earn tax credits and grants to employ military veterans and people with disabilities.

Coaching/Professional & Personal CTI-Certified CPCC and

Formally Trained Co-Active Coach

Lady pondering coaching questionAre you really who you think you are? Overwhelmed in task-laden work patterns?

Feel like you're off track and out of alignment with purpose and meaning in your life?

There is a more direct way to achieve fulfillment and find support in your work and personal life. Being with a coach lays the foundation to your future. Coaching propels you forward! Let's build your blueprint today. Can you benefit from a Personal Strategic Life Plan rather than abandon your goals and dreams?

Curious yet? Find out more here . . .

Michelle . . .
I want you to know that I took your advice about my telephone message and friends and clients constantly comment on it. It does get attention. Call some evening when you know I'm not here and see what you think.
Thanks for the marketing strategy! 

—Donna Tucker, CareerPRO Résumé Center


Through coaching we return purpose to work and return people to their business.™

Positive Potentials is the first and only business and executive coaching practice that introduces Business Literacy™ as a coaching tool. As a coaching company, we offer our clients a benefit of personal and career advancement and fulfillment. Beyond the increased performance factor for their companies, clients express how they enjoy more personal freedom, less stress and clarity of thought built on a values foundation they can apply to any circumstance that appears.

Team hands in.

My work with entrepreneurs shows 65% jumping over the cliff without a written business plan. Worse yet, if they have a blueprint "napkin strategy," (I know Southwest Airlines did well with that) there is no strategic MARKETING PLAN to drive the commercial engine and no benchmarks for success. It is no surprise that everyone is more productive when the direction is clearly stated.

Positive Potentials' emotional intelligence business training closes the gap for you.

Consulting & Facilitation

"Our consulting work with the City of Phoenix and entrepreneurial companies nationwide has produced useful research that we can share and apply to your company." Michelle Cubas

Boards of Directors require special attention. 

Non-Profit boards have different goals and intentions than for-profit ones. Leaders are essential to set the pace, the board energy and the stimulate performance.

Board room conference set u p

Collaborative solution-finding is a skill I call, The Art of Governance. This model touches all board members, recruiting tactics and succession planning. Although members are experts in their fields, they are often unaccustomed to the collaborative and sharing aspects of board work—They may be used to keeping ideas to themselves and may not be comfortable sharing and asking questions as they may be viewed as weak by not having all the answers.

Our top-tier development includes the following focus:

• Leadership assessments, models and communication styles

• Fundraising ideas and planning

• Committee and Membership Development

• Strategic Planning sessions and review

Often connected to marketing communications, our small business marketing services are tailored to the best ways to promote your messages—to internal and external audiences.

Multi-generational and multi-cultural issues have changed the landscape, too. Our strategies slice through the confusion of how to handle these sensitive issues and reduce conflict and waste.

Marketing Services require constant sharpening for the small business, business unit or division:

-Marketing Communications—Internal and External Audience Implementation Strategies

-Advertising-Public Relations and Media Management

-Social Media and Networking-Sales Material Development

-Affiliate and Dealer support

-Intellectual Property Management and Company Publishing.


Organizational Development/Specialized Training Content

Companies waste $$$billions of dollars annually on training. How about yours? Curious? WHY?

Found out yet how coaching saves you money?

Training is no longer a trend, it's a cost of doing business.

Positive Potentials' business training closes that gap for you.

• Pivotal Thinking/The New Strategic Performance Set

Enjoy the impact and results of a sharp, attentive team once they are exposed to Pivotal Thinking tactics. More than Covey's "sharpening the saw," Pivotal Thinking is a new mental way to "wire" your projects and how to allocate resources. These tested methods overcome the training gap. Consider that two generations have lost the art of "common sense." Pivotal Thinking brings it back into style.

Question marks in thought bubble

• Emotional Intelligence (EI)/Assessment & Training

This is the crystal ball companies and organizations have been seeking. It is a definitive measure of success on a career path as well as performance development.

Little results to show for your efforts?

Just add coaching . . .

Stylized coffee cup with energy sparks
• Diversity & Company Culture Development

Multi-cultural, multi-generational and gender bias are easily understood and reduce possible conflict sources through a Positive Potentials' tools. Improve operational flow and inter-department communications with Positive Potentials on your team. Reduce conflict and exposure to legal issues when you understand the fabric of your company's culture.

Diverse business people

• Women's Entrepreneurial Training Sessions

Women see the world differently than men. From powerful corporate executives to Mompreneurs, women have different issues to manage than male counterparts. Bring the joy of equilibrium to your 24 hours with supportive and visionary coaching. Women have started "cottage" industries for millennia. Now they can benefit and create business wisdom, too.

Women sharing ideas

Recent research shows that investment money in micro loans to women

in developing countries produces a higher return

on pay-back and business creation than men.

Why do you suppose that is?

Please send your comments. Thank you. mc

Visit Bloggy Moms

Brand Management

Armchair Publisher Services from inception to distribution of your intellectual property.Business Publishing Services for Thought Leaders & Aspiring Authors

Build company equity with intellectual property and training materials specific to your business.

Consider creating a brain trust vault for company ideas that can soar into revenue streams. Your IP (intellectual property) adds value when you want to sell your business.

Add credibility to your management team and your leadership style through publishing white papers, books and downloadable documents.

Media—Image—Brand Management

What you say in public matters and can cost you a thousands of dollars and good will capital. Enjoy the security of knowing your brand messages are aligned and appropriate throughout your digital footprint, broadcasting and print media. Become a master of sub-text and non-verbal cues, too.

Social Media Planning and Management

Still wondering if this fad will pass? Don't wait too long. Our matrix maps, industry resources and sensible implementation, provide a handle for you to grasp. You can access $millions$ in research when you know how to work the social media milieu.

National Speaker Asso memberProfessional Speaker Services


We give a “voice” to clients' business messages, when speaking in front of audiences is not an option for you.

—Progressive companies use our speaking services to promote and broadcast new ideas and policies from a neutral third party.

—Consider our P.O.D.S.' topics for business conversation starters to energize your company focus and energy.

Want to start your own company speakers bureau to position your experts as thought leaders? We can structure it for you and provide the entire process.


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USA logo Biz 4 Vets Job Re-Entry ProgramBiz 4 Vets™

Coaching is invaluable to re-enter the civilian workforce. Returning Veterans and their life partners can qualify for Job Re-Entry Assessment, Training, Coaching and Skill Review. Coaching colleagues and I are committed to support our returning troops through what we best offer. Please refer and sponsor military personnel who could use a boost to re-enter civilian work life.

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Then coaching is for you. Sneek Peak here.Stylized coffee cup with energy sparks

Check in here for a no-fee coaching sample and join Small Business Coaching Village.

The upcoming series' Business Boosting Series sessions focus on small business marketing, sales and operations — Don't be another casualty of this unpredictable economy. This is just one benefit of belonging to Small Business Coaching Village during open enrollment and becoming an Idea Incubator.

Still not sure? Take a coaching and entrepreneurial test drive and receive

your Coach Cubas Coins!

Coach Cubas Coins
You can apply your coins in the Resource Center!

Visit our Resource Center for more complimentary business tools, assessments, bibliography, Quick Study™ content to upgrade your skills fast.

"Just wanted to say "Thank You" for the  excellent marketing seminar I attended today. I believe this is the best marketing seminar I have attended. . .  Your actual nuts and bolts tips . . . were creative and helpful for me.  . . The advice about personal contacts and the power of writing hit home. Again, thank you." 

—Penny E. Matteson,  Marketing Specialist, Maricopa Integrated Health System

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